Wednesday, June 20, 2007

another 27th

I made my 2nd day 2 of the series. I had a very solid day 1 which I was happy about because I really hated how the sunday tourney went down. I was 30min late to the event because the taxi company took over an hour to send a taxi to my condo. I finally get to rio pay the cab driver and as I am walking to the cage to register I notice I only have 2 rio 1k chips in my pocket I had 3 when I was leaving my apartment I'm on the phone with the taxi company operators and miss my first few hands at my table once I find it. I recognize a few people jordan morgan, and SIHB craig marc guy to my right is a tv pro whose name I forget remember hearing he's aggressive. I chip up my 6k stack up to 8k nothing too interesting flop a set multi way get some flop action. A few hands later a bad guy limps jordan and craig overlimp I find KK in the SB and make it 325 at 25/50. First 2 limpers call and craig then makes it like 2k to go with like 3500 behind. I stick my stack in he calls with AKo I hold. I win the next few pots and get upto like 15k before first level even ends. It was all down hill from there a few raises/cbets getting called and a few times seeing flops missing/making a move and failing. I get down to 9k tv pro limps UTG I make it 400 at 50/100 with JJ next to act button calls BB who is jamie gold who came late played a hand awful and sucked out after putting his stack in with 4 outs and ace high on the turn. So we see a flop 4 ways and it's 643r I lead 1k get raise by button shove and lose to his set. Takes skill to get a 2.5x starting stack in 30minutes after missing first 30 and still not make first break 1 hour later.

I didn't do much on sunday online after either, so it wasn't like going out quick helped me make more money.

I wokeup and was excited to play the 6max since I missed the earlier one. There was a big screwup with alternates in this, when I first went to signup they said sold out and were checking to see if they would reopen it. They decide they will and they decide to make alternate tables which take 30minutes to setup. We get dealers and then we moved from 1 table to another then back to the first table. While other people were switching. They couldn't decide to use what the computer was saying or what the floor and players were saying. Finally we start to play guy busts first hand and doubles the guy to my left who was only other young kid so prob only person capable of playing good 6max. The empty seat is filled by David Benyamin
he played better then I expected from him. Not that he's bad but more that he wouldn't care about a 2500 tourney. Anyways not many interesting hands from my first table cept when I flat called a shortstacks raise with AA in SB BB squeezed and we both had like 14k when rest of table had under 4k I jammed for a PSB and he folded QQ faceup really shocked the younger kid made that laydown. I prob requeeze with a few hands there.

I move to a new table a little while after with about 15k when avg is under 10k. I make a flop 3bet shove with K8hh on 974 1 heart 2 diamond board I didn't think the kid would ever call and he did with top 2. I turned OESD but whiffed. I got short to like 5k but did a squeeze next hand and then was able to c/shove a OESD+FD and pickup more chips I chip up well over the next few hours and get my stack upto 50k without any huge conformations. Our table isn't going to break at all during the day and we go about 5 hours with the same 6 people at one time we all had over avg when first at the table but now only myself and the girl to my left who played well and was a friendly girl who was giving us amatuers advice on the best strip clubs and why. I later find out she's an ex playmate. She then really misplayed a hand giving me no credit and losing her stack to me. We were only 2 with over 50 avg was 45k everyone else had around 15k. I open AKo OTB to 3300 at 6/12/200. She flats in the SB BB folds. Ac5c3x flop she leads for 4k I flat call turns an offsuit 9 she leads for 7k I make it 20k she verbally instacalls I get worried that she has more outs then I think. And as I am deciding what to do on the river I see it roll off as 4c the worst card in the deck. Anyways she shoves pretty quickly I notice it's a little over 10k so I say whatever pots huge I call. She shows AQo and I win a monster pot.

My table would never get another softer spot again everyone who came to my table was a good 2+2er/p5er or solid live pro after the fact. Hoyt corkins comes to the table with 25k stack which is well under avg but runs really good owning a guy and gets a huge stack shortly after. He plays really well for anyone who hasn't played with him luckily for me he was on my right but still I didn't get much going ever after this point I just fluxuated a lot between 100k-150k. I bust a p5er to my left when he restole from SB with A3s into my A8o button open and he gets replaced by eric siedel. He had a short stack and shoves a few times and gets around 20k when hoyt limps the button not uncommon for him I comeplete with A8o hoping he jams over our weakness of not raising he does. hoyt folds I instacall and he shows A4o. He flops a 4 and I never get there. So I lost my chance to get to 200k stack. I had a really interesting hand vs hoyt that I posted on 2+2 where I made what appears to be a hero call but when you analyze hand ranges I think the all becomes clearer. I wasn't right at the time but I really like my thought proess and hand range which was correct. At the end of day 1 another 2+2er busted at my table and the guy who replaced him was the current CL hoyt was 2nd I was 10th and another guy at the table was 7th. So we had a lot of chips in play going into day 2.

Day 2 stars off bad for me I raise PF with A10s get an ugly board and c/f to a bet. I call a raise with a small pair and whiff badly and get down under 100k. Then get a nice rush getting AA and AKs and 3betting openers and taking down sizeable pots. Played a nicec hand vs hoyt where I flat called his MP raise with J10s floated him on a 632r board and shoved over his turn bet on a Qx turn. We lose a guy and they floor move a dead stack. Not surprisingly vinny vinh did not show up for day 2 again for an event so that changes the table dynamics a lot. Siedel busted and another 2+2er showed up admo who I was told is a very tough cash game player. He played well and I knew we would class since it was his SB when the BB was dead and it was my button.

My most crucial hand I was up over 150k blinds were 2/4k/500 folded to hoyts SB he makes it 10k I call with 56o flops K56r he leads 10k I make it 25k he calls. turns a 9 brings flushdraw he checks I bet 45k he calls. I had like 70k behind here and perfet stack for a river shove which I expect him to all after the j10 bluff. River is the ugly ugly Kx and he checks I chek behind his KQ wins. I steal the blinds a few hands later then hoyt opens CO for 9k the BB is dead and I have 80k and jam with A7s unfortunately admo wakes up with KK and hoyt shows an ace as he folds. I flop a fd but whiff. I wanted to take a bet with admo that vinny vihn outlasts me without even showing and he did. I was very frustrated after I busted that I walked away forgetting I had to get paid and went back found the floor and notice the place card I got was 27th again. I am like wow that's an omen. I get back to my condo hangout with a few people cuz I didn't feel like doing much.

I'm just going to grind online today I really need a win in some little tourney just to get that endgame confidence back.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The worst side of tournament poker

Sorry for being a little behind on updates not much went on last few days, busted 2nd hour in the 5k NL took the next 2 days off to get a bunch of errands done finally. So I've been semi productive outside of poker for once this trip which was helpful. I played todays 2k NL drew a maniacal first table with phil laak going nuts as well as a few others had 3 people busted in first 4 hands. Those were def the weaker spots one of the people who replaced the person to my right was Kush a person who I've met and hungout with a lot at ts and was with me during the wpt tabling. We are talkative and bullshit for an hour as neither of us do anything. No really interesting hands I bluff my stack down to like 2500 before break. Come back at 100/200 waiting for a spot to shove. Our table is about to break I decide that I am doubling before we move or busting which was in 4ish hands. I wasn't in a good poker mood I was getting way too anxious.

So Kush opens in EP I see an ace and shove I noticed later he was a lot shorter then I realized and def wasn't opening light there. He calls quickly and I say I just saw an ace he is elated and flips his AQo. I find A7cc Flop comes KcQx10x I say gg kush gl etc. Turn 10c river 4c. Now I have 5k shocking. I move to a new table I notice that only 1 person has knocked someone out he has like 10k one guy has 6k everyone else 2k. Thankfully the 2 big stacks that I assume are aggressive are on my right so good table pos. I steal a lot of pots there and chip up well get priced into a few shorty shoves with ok hands and I get there. We break at the start of the new level and I find my new table laak is there as well with about 10k I moved with like 9k a few other deep stacks kid to my right has like 15k. and everyone seems to be deep. I am quite happy with that I like playing big pots and big stacks so this fits me perfectly. I bust a shorty or two and get upto like 18k avg is prob under 10k still Jurollo moves to my table a seat to my left and he has like a little over 5k which means I need to open light as he will be shoving over my LP opens with anything decent. So a few hands go by I find QQ raise to 1100 in MP Justin shoves for like 4500 I instacall and he shows AJo. K high flop I look safe J turn makes it interesting, J river makes it depressing. It wasn't the beat that bothered me it was that a tough player who knows a lot about me now has a stack behind me. I chip up a few times pull a sick squeeze on a utg 3x 2 guys call to his left I shove like 22x in with Q8o in MP and everyone folds I show and justin was like didn't even have to show I knew etc. I usually don't show but I wanted to nit it up now cuz stack sizes sucked and I wanted a bad image with good cards in the future. I get my wish like 4 hands later justin opens 3x in EP laak calls in CO SB flat calls I find AA and ship in like 30x and make the same action betting and seat position hoping to get a loose call. I don't and show cuz now I have a stack and a nutso image I didn't want cuz I was now deep enough to play a lot of pots vs the others but didn't want to get played back at soo much once I commit a few k. So I steal a few more pots chipping up well make a move on a guy who 3xed over a laak limp which he was doing lots I call with Q10s in SB and c/r him on a KJx flop with a flushdraw commited myself and he folded. I was now upto over 20k and avg was prob around 10k. So a few hands go by I am feeling good playing great making the right reads and moves in each spot. UTG 3x same guy who I did the big squeeze over with Q8, A guy to my right who called lots of raises called I find 22 and we all have over 15k at 200/400 so it's an easy call for me too bad everyone behind us folds we see a flop of AJ2 rainbow. I am thinking in my head if either of these guys have Jx or better I am getting a stack my image is that good. They check to me I bet 2500 into like a 4500 chip pot the UTG guy c/r to 7500 I tank for a bit and ship in my 20kish total he snap calls I show my set he just had the most depressed look ever on his face. He slowly shows AJ and looks like he's about to cry until the dealer burns and turns the fucking ace of spades. I am down to 1 out and whiff. I say gg wish justin luck since he's built up a decent stack since he got to the table.

So basically today could of been a stressfree standard tourney day of getting nothing going, I am content with that with these structures you need to win pots in the first 2 hours to get anything going. I am a firm follower of aggro nutjob first hour to get a stack in these live tourneys. I wasn't able to do that and managed to make a huge suckout on a friend to get a starting stack back ran it up if I win that 22 pot I prob am current CL in the tourney with such a monsterous 100bb stack as well as an image to that would stop anyone buy justin messing with me without the nuts and I would be able to abuse my table but noo dealer has to put his 4 outer out there.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still one race away

Again tonite was soo close to being my first big score. I got very deep in the sunday mil being 2nd in chips when we got down to 2 tables remaining. I just never got anything going on that 2nd table. I lost a few races a few pot odds calls and also had a few c-bets raised etc. I peaked at like 8mil stack with under 4mil as avg. I liked my play got lucky on 2 hands which I play the same given the situation anyway just my opp woke up with the top of their ranges. It sucks to be soo close to a huge score twice already this week both times having lots of chips rigt when I need to get into high gear to turn my good stack into CL for a FT.

I know I will have a 6 fig score by the end of the summer but it's still frustrating each day longer I have to wait for it. I have the 2500 NL tomorrow which should be nice soft field with a slightly better starting stack. I also plan on going out tomorow night too been a few days since I seen the night scene and so I should either be in the event deep or getting deep into a pint. Either way it's going to be a good time.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I can't say that I am happy with my result but I am very happy with my play during both days. I had a big suckout at the begging of the 3rd level for the day. I had a very tough table with elky and adanthar on my left with other good aggro people. One kid with a cardrunners shirt who made some comments to me when I sat down but wouldn't give up his online name. So first hand back from the break blinds are 2k/4k/500 a aggresive guy opens MP3 to like 13k with 60k behind I make it 35k OTB with A10 BB shoves pretty quickly for a little over 90k other guy folds. I do the math and I am getting close to 3 to 1 and obv have to call. I am hoping he has KK/QQ but he has AK and I hear guys at the table piping up I folded a 10 etc. I hate when people do that but alas flop comes 10 high and board stays 10 high. I am now upto like 350k, which would sadly be my peak.

Thankfully our table breaks quickly and I move to what I considered the best remaining table. I picked up a few chips here and there but started running into a lot of hands and going card dead. I lost like 80k when button jammed for 80k at 3/6/500 level I find A10 in SB and reshove he shows KJ AQx10Q board quite gay. I was down to like 200k now. I steal a few blinds then same guy from KJ open shoves in CO for like 90k at 4/8/1 level and I find 8s and reshove flop is 855 and I am back up to 300k. Nothing really important happens but I find AQ in SB LP guy who started to lag it up once he won a race to get a 200k stack opens in CO to 27k at 4/8/1 I stick 200k in in SB and BB instacalls for his 100k stack. Other guy folds BB has QQ and doubles through me. I chip my way back upto 300k by stealing blinds guys to my left commenting on how I opened 3 pots in a row after I opened with 22 2.5x he shoved for 5x total with KQ and the SB who was tight reshoved for 12bbs so I fold and the SB had AK and board came J109 so other guy doubled. This particular guy was short all day long and finally got some chips and started reshoving on some guys opens and stuff. So he was opening up his game with chips.

It gets to the dinner bubble I have like 280k blinds are 6/12/1 and they announce it's dinner time and 4 of the 7 players get up to leave before actions to me UTG+1 I gleefully
find A7hh and 2.5x expecting to take it down but it folds to button who shoves for like 17x he looks like he soo doesn't want a call and I think he's making a move knowing I am opening any2 with everyone gone. So I reluctantly call trusting my instincts which may or may not of been wrong but he shows AJo I see such a pretty flop of Qh 8h 2x and fully expect to suckout at this point turn Qx gives me even more outs to win something back but river blanked :(. I was left with 80k stack going into the break. I was utg and find J9o and shove I don't know if it was right shove because it was a bubble and 2 other people on diff tables were all in and I didn't even know. Because if someone got eliminated we redraw for tables so I skip BB possibly. I get called by A9o and don't hit a 3 outer. Then there was a lot of confusion as the TD was like you are 28th and some other guy is 27th I ask him how come he says stack sizes and that I had 71k and the other guy had 72k, I go what are you talking about I had 79k and goto my table and dealer and say did I have 79k and they all agree and the floor is confused he's like you had 3 stacks of 20 1k chips and 11 1k chips ontop. I go no I had 3 stacks of 20 1k chips and 2 5k chips underneat 9 1k chips the guy said then he had trouble seeing the difference of them. I roll my eyes as they are blue as opposed to yellow and not even close in resemblence. Then now the other guy is argueing his stack was 79k as well after a few minutes I say fuck it who cares let's just chop the diff I'll give you cash/chips now and here and then we are set. So he agrees so I hand him 1500 in chips he gives me 250 back and all is square.

So that was sadly my biggest tourney cash ever at 15.4k officially. I made some great calls and obv a marginal call cost me my stack but I'm playing to win and taking what I thought at the time was a +EV gamble I will do all day long.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My first WSOP cash

I started yesterday with a pretty tough table compared to the other tables I've been at for events. A few seats away from me a guy looked really familiar but a lot of people do to me so I didn't bother figuring out who he was. He ended up being none other then johnny bax I introduce myself and later knock him out with my KJ vs his 44 and another shorites 44. I was playing very lag with the shallow stacks hoping to chip up fast before people adjusted. But, there was a really tough player 2 to my left who was abusing me. I whittled my stack down to 1300 after a failed 2 barrel on same player who check/shoved on me on the turn. A few limpers to me I shoved K10s for 13bbs they fold, a few hands later I get AJo otb an a guy who I had seen open 2x an orbit and show A2o etc at showdown from EP raises 3x, I jam he calls QhQx KhQx 9h 10h blank board really made me sweat my suckout. I chip up a little more after that until my big hand last hand of break. They announce it's break and half my table leaves so obv I open j5o UTG+1, he flats me in MP1 and BB calls I had like 7k stack he had 9k BB had 4k. J93r board I bet 1200 he makes it 3500 I shove for 2k more he has 810 and I hold for the 15k pot.
So I come back to the break chip upto like 20k get KK vs QQ for 7k more. Made a nice move for me PF I raise UTG AKcc to 600 old guys makes it 1375 he had like 8k stack I flat call and c/f J98r board and he shows aces phew, If he made a real 3bet PF I was obv shoving. Really interesting hand the tough kid to my left has pushbotted his way upto 11kish stack at 200/400. Fold to me in CO I open 1100 with A9o folds to him he's shoves really quickly but didn't look happy when he saw his hand. After like 3 minutes I finally decide to call it was 40% of my stack at the time he shows 810s and I hold. Whole table is amazed by my call etc cuz they would all fold AQ there etc. So I chip up for a bit with a good image knocking out the good players already, I double one shorty who shoved 10s over my UTG raise with 99 for like 9bbs after a coldcaller. This guy later angle shot me for a pot. He was really bad asking questions about his oplay never played a tourney before online or live didn't understand antees, coloring up, breaks, etc.
So he was really nitty and opens in CO to 1600 at 3/6 right before the dinner break he's said he's done small goals all day small steps etc so his next one was dinner break. So I raise him to 5k in the SB and he has like 15k I have 40k, I was going to shove any flop even the 997 with fd but before I could he bets 2k. I was first to act so this really confused me, I knew if he had a pair or draw he wasn't folding so therefore I get it in with 5 high praying for a chop. So I eventually c/f. He showed Q10 for complete air and I was shocked he leveled me and I didn't think it was possible.

Our table breaks after a bit I move to a table with another 40k stack and a bunch of 25k stacks avg was still around 12-15k at the time so there were a lot of chips to accumulate. I play tight when I first come over because I came with 4 racks of chips 2.5 of them being antee chips. I recognize oakplayer at the table we joke and jab and I tell him I'm going to stack him. Interesting hand between us he has 25k I have 40k he opens for 1650 in Mp3 I call in BB with K10ss and flop huge with Kx 8s9s. I c/c his 5k for a few reasons which seemed right at the time. Turn is an offsuit Q and it goes cc. River is another K and I bet like 8k and oaks telling me how huge of a flop he hit and I'm like that's impossible to flop bigger then I did even 67ss is a huge dog to me. So he calls and shows QJss and said he was 3betting the flop which sucks that's like 1 of 3 hands he stacks off on the flop that I am ahead of. So that was like 15k I left on the table.
I was upto like 45k now which was my peak at the time blinds 4/8 I open 33 UTG+1 Button with 15k flat calls BB with 35k flat calls. 3c8c9x flop I lead for 4500 Button shoves I instacall he shows A9cc board comes 9A for a sickening way to lose with a set. So I am down to 30k now and frustrated 2 hands later a laggy older guy opens in CO to 2500 at 4/8 still my BB I defend with A10o KQ2 flop with a flushdraw I got bd with my ace. I c/c his 5k c-bet turns an 8 it goes c/c rivers an 8 I lead 7k he folds. I show he gets mad. I get a few real hands and open get some action and now back to my 40k and there's another break. I get back from break fold a few hands Laggy old guy opens to CO 2500 at 6/12 he has 40k I have 45k and considered 3betting by took a flop with 59ss, Flops As 4s 7x I c/c his 4k turns 10s I check he bets 4k I c/r to 14k total and try to look super weak while hes deciding what do do he ends up 3bet shoving for like 12k more I snap call he shows 73o for 3rd pair and drawing dead. I didn't notice that he was drawing dead and the worst river card came the 7s, So I recheck the cards to make sure I won I did. I have 85k now and coast for a bit.

There's a problem with a player coming to our table who the TD says avoided the blinds taking a phone call and comes to the table after the BB passed his seat. So the ruling is that he pays the blinds and 1 chip at a time goes into each pot PF. So first hand theres extra 500 chips in antees I expect a lot of guys to shove behind me cuz they have been shoving a lot, So I decide I'm going to only open tight here cuz I am EP with lots of 15-20bb stacks behind me. I joyfully find KK and open 2.5x to 3k and the tables talking about how Im stealing cuz of the 500 so I'm just praying someone goes by that. BB decides to call he has 60k stack so I'm like drooling. Flop is an ugly A52 with suited A5 BB leads for 4k I call turn is a offsuit 7 he leads for 7k I call, rivers another ace he bets 12k I call he shows 33 I rake in another pot to put me over 100k. Sadly our table broke after that hand and we still had some chips to play from that guy and my image was perfect to lag it up now. But I move to a knew table with another 100k stack and a 75k stack to my left who I later findout is john murphey. He gets bluffed by the other big stack and he shows. I hadn't opened a hand in my first 10 hands at the table so I open Q4s UTG+1 and he flats next to act everyone else folds 1055 flop with 1 of my suit I bet 6k he calls turn is a 9 bringing a flushdraw not mine I bet 13k he calls pretty quickly rivers a offsuit J I lead for 23k he turbo mucks I show. He's shocked so is rest of the table. 3 hands later UTG 3.5x with a 12bb stack the other huge stack flat calls I wakeup with aces in SB squeeze but they both fold I show to get respect on squeezes later. Cuz I could tell the other bigstack 3 to my right loved to CC raises. I keep chipping up well getting some hands here and there. Get upto 150k stay there I couldn't abuse the bubble with the stacks/players behind me but that was fine. I win a race vs a 6bb stack my 44 vs KQ and I chip up a few other hands and end up a little under 200k for the tourney which is CL.

I resume play at 2pm today blinds being 1/2k/300 I think for a few minutes

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sickening 12 hours

I played in yesterdays 1500 LHE and was a very soft tourney I was never worse than the 2nd best player at the table. I had run up a big stack getting 22k when avg was around 8k but lost most of that in the next orbit just getting redic bad setup hands. I got down to like 3k at 8/16 level raise with AJs get it in vs J9s and 33 and hold. Get upto 10ish really awful guy who was down to 400 and keep doubing with awful hands and was 2nd worst player at table ahead o tj cloutier. Who tries soo hard to intimadate people by talking like hes good. So this awful guy raises I 3bet with KK he 4bets I 5bet Jxx flop I have like 4SBs left he has 3 so we get it in AA good sigh. Built back upto 8k a little while later and busted 155th when bp ran into tp/tk when I had 3BBs left so no chance of folding.

A few other interesting hands I may post about later as of now I was planning on playing the 1k rebuy today but thayer after dominating online tourneys for the night ordered a bunch of food which was bad and got us both sick. Goggles just got here rooming for the next week and a half. I may play in the 1500 o8 at 5pm if I feel better. Hopefully I can get some shit done around the condo that I've been putting off for the week.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

WPT TV table

I'll leave the poker content down for a bit as there was a lot of sick non poker things that went down. I busted in the 1500 NL at Rio at like 440. I then rush to get a cab and find my way to the south convention center. While in route Aaron and Kush call me to see when/where the taping is I give them the info right as I am walking in. I get lost and walk around the set after wishing thayer and Jarrod gl. I find some seats in the back and I am cheering for thayer when they announce him entering the table.

A few hands go by where action got really juiced up big hand like 3rd in the satialite guy whose name escapes me opened 2nd to act shawn buchanen 3bet OTB and the guy ends up shoving with JJ Shawn called with KK. Took forever until they started to show the board the whole production side is funny having to make sure they have every angle and every reaction they want before the cards come. Gotta be tough on the players to see they are behind and sweat for so long.
Door card on the flop was a J the whole crowd goes wild Shawn's crowd screams as they notice a K right behind it. This then made the whole table 4 short stacks and 2 big stacks. By this time a the sat guy and wong busted so it's 4 handed and they go on break. At this time Brendon came by and I go down talk to thayer and his buddy tells us the production team said these seats behind them were reserved for thayers family and friends. So we sit down and the people who were sitting there happened to be David Levi's wife and daughter and some other friends we get into an argument on how they are our seats etc and even had little things saying reserved thayer on them. So eventually one of the staff comes over and corrects the problem and tells them to find a seat so now we are 2nd row with a more clustered cheering section. There are some comments made by Davids section who were such assholes to us but wouldn't even give up THEIR seats for his wife and daughter who were stuck in the back row.

We findout theres a bar right outside so we start drinking very quickly start getting louder as the 4 handed is going longer. The 4 of us are def louder then the other 100 people in there. Jarrod makes some jokes about cutting us off and getting us ided as kush was making fun of the baylor softball team to me since they were on TV and he overheard it and shot a huge grin over to kush.

We get into some intense antisweating once thayer busts out. David gets it in vs Jarrods 99 with 77 Flop comes AJ8 all diamonds david has a diamong jarrod doesn't. Davids section is chanting diamond like 15-20 of them. Us 4 are now chanting club just as loud if not louder then them. Turn comes a Jx so now I start cheering for 9d and yelling at the top of my lungs. One of the people in his crowd turned around with such a sad look on his face and was like common no need to do that. I'm like you root for him I root against him. They all left and we were forced to move to another section where we watched a great HU match. We had some close calls when we keep getting yelled at for talking during the taping but thayer and jarrod were both enjoying the loud rail behind them. It was a lot of fun and I hope if I ever get to one of those FTs myself I have some drunken asshole there to replace me.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My ADD post for the series

Got a lot of little things to talk about and one big thing thayer.

First little things, heres a copy of the post I made in ATF on 2+2 about one person who bought a share and MAY be scamming people trying to oversell shares and then stick it on me for not paying; here's what I posted

This particular poster(goat_beard) did in fact buy a share from me for WSOP but I think he's using it to scam people hoping to use the fact I am semi-known on 2+2 to get people to invest. I know 2+2 frowns upon any staking agreement etc in public and never posted it here etc. But, this guy is getting redic I am 90% sure he's trying to oversell to people on the forum and prob is going to say I didn't pay him or just make a new 2+2 account keeping whatever money he can raise.

He did send what he owes me and I still plan on giving him his profit at the end but I really don't think his posts should be allowed because most likely I will get the blame for people going unpaid. I would like his posts dealeted the fact he cross posted all over the place is what makes me smell scam which some people may believe. Here are links to the threads I noticed already from a search please edit/remove them

Also moved into my condo in Manhattan Condos really nice going to be with thayer for entire 2 months and otehrs stop in and out for a week or two. Thayers deep in WPT Mandalay bay for the few who don't know already he stars the TV final table tomorrow and he's 5/6 and really short a fellow online player jarrod camby (wacokid) has been crushing with what I've seen last 2 days. Hopefully they get HU with thayer winning with 27o vs AA unlike last time. It's great to have someone I am friends with get so deep and be around him to sweat and helpout with shit.

I am playing my first WSOP event too tomorrow the 1500 NL should be very soft with over a 3k person field that's like 17 180mans I need to win to get to the final table. But tomorrow will be cool regarless either I go semi deep past level 5-6 in the event or I get to go be thayers #1 fan. Also, I've meet some really cool people from p5 and 2+2 so far and everyone seems to be ready and psyched for a profitable and partying summer.