Monday, June 11, 2007

Still one race away

Again tonite was soo close to being my first big score. I got very deep in the sunday mil being 2nd in chips when we got down to 2 tables remaining. I just never got anything going on that 2nd table. I lost a few races a few pot odds calls and also had a few c-bets raised etc. I peaked at like 8mil stack with under 4mil as avg. I liked my play got lucky on 2 hands which I play the same given the situation anyway just my opp woke up with the top of their ranges. It sucks to be soo close to a huge score twice already this week both times having lots of chips rigt when I need to get into high gear to turn my good stack into CL for a FT.

I know I will have a 6 fig score by the end of the summer but it's still frustrating each day longer I have to wait for it. I have the 2500 NL tomorrow which should be nice soft field with a slightly better starting stack. I also plan on going out tomorow night too been a few days since I seen the night scene and so I should either be in the event deep or getting deep into a pint. Either way it's going to be a good time.


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cuz...forgot you had this..going to keep reading up on ya..goodluck

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