Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vegas Day 1

first day of Vegas trip,

I hate flying unless I am sleeping on the flight when flying alone I get bored too easily. So I decided to stay up all night and watch moves play some poker and start packing finally for my trip. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap because I didn't want to fall asleep at like noon and then miss my flight or something. So I got up and packing was really easy cuz my dad just had picked up my laundry and it was nice and folded and even just took 1 of the bags and tossed it into my suitcase so that took much less time then I expected. Had to visit my cousins before heading to the airport because their grandmother just passed away and I was going to miss the wake and funeral.

I am in route to the airport and keep going over to see what things I forgot then I remember I don't even know my confirmation number luckily my aunt who is also a travel agent was nice enough to leave all my information on a voicemail message since the day after she booked my flight last week she left for a 2 week trip in rome. We pull up to the drop off area and they are blocking the passage for cards I can see a few policemen a firetruck and a ambulance both with full staffs. I couldn't tell what was going on they just stopped all traffic so it was hard to unload because there were a lot of people and had to weave in and out of the cars to get to the curb. Finally get in do the self checkin thing and that was went smoothly toss my suitcases up on the scale and the bigger one was too heavy so the employee asked me to switch a few items to the smaller one so I had some heavier stuff on top and switch over my boots and a few pairs of jeans, weave my way through the people back to the front of the line and then put them on the scale the big one dropped from 55 lbs to 40 oops now the smaller one was 53lbs so I had to take a few things out of that now and the women working there couldn't hold in her laughter even though she tried to be professional but you could tell she found it amusing how I was struggling at such a simple task.

I also made some progress finally with getting a meeting with a realtor thanks to john helping me out big time giving me the same guy in his development. So tomorrow I have to get up semi early for the 3pm meeting it will take me some time to adjust to the diff time zone I keep getting confused as 3pm there what would it be here etc. It may be good for me as I was always on a really late sch in NY compared to everyone else in vegas I think I should fit in a bit better with the norm. I dunno how it will effect the days I play online and what tourneys I choose to play but I look forward to trying out something new. I will try to ot down a few notes about each day and post them here, and expect a few drunken messages when I get the urge after a night of going out.

Wow did my 2nd flight suck really badly, first one was really good sat next to a mortgage broker who was a few years older, and we got into a good discussion about poker etc he was wasted but a nice guy and it was cool to chat the whole flight. I got to philly and then it all started to snowball the machine was broke to get on the flight and scan our boarding passes so they had to be done manually which meant it took forever to board then they had to find the empty seats and give it to standby people. So we left the gate like 30min later then we were supposed to most of this time I was seated uncomfortably between two guys almost as big as me.

We get onto the runway and then are stuck for an hour before we even take off what a joke. Luckily our capt made up about an hour in air and we were only 30min late to vegas. I tried to set it up so I could sleep all 4 hours and 30min of the flight but no chance in my seat. They did have a good movie freedom writers playing which I ended up watching reminded me a lot of my mom since she did a part time teaching thing just because she loved teaching and she also had at risk kids. She also had a strong influence on many of her students one who actually called me on Sunday. He happened to see my dad out and they talked and he was her student for 3 years in HS and we became close went to a few yankee games and other things together. He's a few years older and we hand't talked in over 5 years so it was cool to catch up.

Back to the vegas sorry add kicks in, Get on a shuttle after 30min wait for luggage and get to luxor and check in was a breeze thayer did all the work prior and I just got a key. Hung out in the room got some room service and then got like 5 hours of sleep I just couldn't sleep that well. Got a bunch of things to do to set up rest of the trip thayers going to play the 10k at mandalay bay.


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