Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another should have been night

Getting sick of these nights where I keep getting deep in something than choke or lose a race. I finally made my first ft in like 6 weeks where 1st place was 5 figures. I had a good stack for most of the 10R 35k garunteed since we were ITM, had a scare with like 30 left losing 2 400k pots when avg was like 225 where I played fine just got very unlucky. The FT was very even stacked everyone had like an avg stack no true shorties no massive CL. It was a real grind and I made what I thought was a good call at the time after raising UTG with 99 3x and having button flat call and SB shoved for 20x with QQ. Reason why I called is last few hands I had raised and the most recent one I raised UTG+1 with 78o and won with like 3rd pair at showdown vs AQo which was nut highcard.

After tha I was able to chipup back to avg stack than punted it badly with QQ after getting 4 callers PF which was totally rare since we hadn't even had a 3 way hand all FT with seeing a flop. Flop was AA6 with a FD and the blinds checked I checked and first CC bet like 90% of pot which was like 75% of his remaining stack. Everyone folded back to me and like a donkey I was like he has a FD or worse PP and I shove and get owned by AJo. Turn brought the other Ace just so I had no chance of bombing my 2outer. So I got 7th for like 1400 which was sod disapointing. Especially, since I was the best player at the table, though the others weren't bad just overly tight. And for TLb scoring failures I lose a race in the 9/360 PL tourney when we were 4 handed and the stacks were as followed me 270k other guy 260k shortiest at 25k and 20k blinds were 3k/6k. We get our stacks in with my 99 vs his AKo after like 6 raises stupid PL and he flops a K and I lose. Was very angry about that one even though the money was nothing I wanted the good TLB score.


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