Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A special surprise

Well I've been extremely busy the last week doing a lot of work on the up coming nov team challenges. Also, snuck in a nice 12 hour session helping timex get a seat to the top 150 yearly TLB sat for the PCA. Been running pretty well for my 180s, played in the 4/180 challege for a little change of pace and had a good time and ended up winning it. Played prob around 50/40 stats from 25 players on. Had some huge swings as expected with that play, if you want to see some differnet spots I picked up chips where 99% of players fold the HH was put on PxF for anyone to view. you need an account to view it but not a subscription. No cashes over 1k besides 2 20/180 wins this week.

In some non poker content last night I went with a few of my cousins who's business was sponsering a concery that was going on at Ualbany. It also was a costume party, but very few people were dressed up. It was extremely unorganized as the kids about 400-500 of them were lined up, up stairs waiting to get in. But, the state troopers there wanted every to get searched by the metal dectetor wands. So some students who were part of the staff had only 3 of them to do the crowd. It was a really slow process and delayed the show by 2 hours. During this time we were just sitting at our table talking to a few of the students who were attending the show. There was a VIP lounge for the sponsors/bands that was supposed to have beers as well as food. While I stayed at the booth my cousins went with the head of who was putting on the show. They came back 15minutes later and said there was no good food in the vip room or beer. They said the only decent thing were these cookies and they handed me 2 of them. I ate them because I hadn't eaten in 12 hours, also I hadn't slept since the previous day since I spent from midnight to 3pm playing for timex. So I was really tired waiting for the show to start. When I finally met the kid running it who was busy doing a lot of legwork, he asked me how I felt I said really tired and he said yah the cookies do that to you. And I was like... I look over to my left and my cousins are cracking up. They are like as soon as you ate those cookies your eyes shut and when you actually opened them they are as red as a firetruck. I've smoked weed a lot in the past not much since my last ts trip with augie. So needless to say I was gone off those 2 cookies. First time I've had weed anyway besides smoking. Overall the night turned out fun had a good time with my cousins even though it took up most my night.


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