Sunday, September 10, 2006

A day that could have been

Well today was a profitable day even though I only played for 4-5 hours. I made close to 1k but I was really disapointed since I was doing well in the 35k and should have gottin to the FT if the only 2 big pots I played went my way. Oh yah, and both of those pots all the money went in PF KQ vs K9 and A10 vs A8. Those were the only pots I played that were over 100k. they were 250k and 300k respectively. The A10 was my knockout hand putting me out mid 30s. If I win that hand I was top 5 in chips at a very weak tight table. I also got 2nd in a 20/180 lost a few big flips late kept making comebacks then knockout hand was QQ vs A8 AIPF. Still a good day made over 1k but I hate getting deep in a tourny and not at least getting to FT. I just know how high my edge is at that stage.

Day 9/30

$$ 16k/20k


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