Thursday, September 07, 2006

Monster turnaround thanks to dise 40k

Well I just finished up the dise 33R 40k garunteed I think I played one of my best tournys in a long time considering the cards I got. I only got my money in with the worst of it 1 hand on the FT I shoved A9s with 10BBs and got called by JJ AQ8A8 board clinched it for me and I never looked back from there. I just happened to decide to put 1k on paradise today after running bad in another 20/180 when I lost QQ vs 66 for 35k pot guy made a horrible call of my 4bet allin getting bad odds and rivered his 6.

I am almost garunteed to to make my goal for the month with the 11k from the dise tourny so it feels really good to go deep in something and close out like I know I can and should 60% of the time. Final hand I opened KQs and he shoved with K9s I had to really sweat the river when the board was 7s 6x 2x 5s blank came on the river and tourny was mine.

I may have to bump my goal upto 30k so I commit myself to the rest of the month as hard as I have this week.

Days 7/30
$$ 15k/20k


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