Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 6 not so hot

Well today was a very rough day for me. I didn't have 1 score over 100, not 1 FT in any 20/180 even though I made it in the money 6 times today. Also, I should have won the challenge since at one point I had 4 tournys left open all with less than 30 people yet I didn't FT 1 of them. Shame I had the challenge locked up if I could only have gotta a FT out of any of those 4. Really thinking of not playing online tomorow and just going to TStone or something to get a break. Oh yah and I also dropped like 500 playing 30/60 prob worst FR game I've been in a while a lot of open limping A8o 107o UTG etc yet I won like 2 pots out of 20 I played. Did really shitty in the 22R too was in for like 280 and getting it in with the best of it almost everytime.

Final tally for today is -1500 which is really bad considering besides the 30/60 what low limit games I really sucked at. That brings my monthly total down to 5k now I am on pace for my goal but still very disapointed.

Day 6/20
$$ 5k/20k


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