Saturday, September 09, 2006

A day off basically

I decided to not do much today tourny wise just wanted a day to relax and recoup. I am well on my way to my goal hopefully I reach it by the end of this week so I can aim for another 10k the 2nd half of the month. I spent most of last night doing 4 tables of 100max helping out a good friend of mine get away from his 10VP$IP and 4PFR at 100 and 200 max FR. Had a nice little session too for only playing for like 45 min. I cashed in a few small tournys, one on party and cashed in two 2/180s but neither was a FT. I am alright with that I ran bad and didn't play enough tournys to have 1 with some good variance.

Tomorow I might have to help out my dad at one of our restaurants in the morning so I might just get in an afternoon session then go over to a friends to watch the ND game hopefully as they get win #2 for their up and coming undefeated season.

Also, I am working on spreading out money to FTP and UB soon so I will be able to play a lot more 20-100$ tournys with 10K+ for first place, I seem to motivate myself much better when 1st plce is over 5 figures.

Day 8/20
$$ 14.5k/20k


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