Saturday, September 16, 2006

Best Cash day ever

Well, I continue to crush 40/80 lastnight and afternoon I booked about 14k in profit over a bunch of sessions my month profit is passing 50k and it's been a sick run. It's funny how good I am running at LHE yet so 6 tournys in the last 2 days I went out within last 2 tables not making 1 FT outside of a 50/90. Sadly, it wasn't cold decking either just losing the races and 60/40s I need to win to win those gambles. All is not lose tomorow is WCOOP can't wait for some razz to donk around in maybe get lucky and cash.

I will be playing more on stars lately so be sure to be on the lookout for me if I get in anything deep. Not as many 20/180s because I want to focus on the bigger buyin tournys that I will be doing up coming and get out of my non 180 grove where I suck endgame. I am really tired and need to get some food and some sleep right now I'll try to update mid-day tomorow.


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