Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Goal completed

Well amazingly I have reached my goal far and away faster than I could have ever dreamed of doing it. I have run extremely well on dise in tournys as well as cash games. I know I cheated a little but damn I've been having some sick sessions there. I only made a 1k depoist there to play in their rebuys on the 7th and already I have made close to 20k on the site. Funny how good I am running there and bad I am running at stars. C'est la vie, still I can't complain at all. I FTed the 40k again yesterday and had a disapointing 7th place finish for 1700.

In other news I want to say congrats to gobboboy FTing the dise 150k sunday and taking home 20k for 2nd place. He played great as usual if any of you are wondering whose a guy to keep an eye on in tournys to learn something fron search for him and sweat his tables a great overall player. Also, made a good post in the MTTC forum on 2+2 about styles of play a must read for anyone who wants to become a winning poker player.

I wouldn't mind some feedback on what my next goal is. I want to try to go for 35k this money I have plenty of time but do plan on playing a little bit less the next few weeks. I def am playing in most of the 200 and 500$ buyin tournys for WCOOP and if I do well in any of them expect to see me in the ME. I had a suggestion to maybe do a 100k in 100 days challenge that would def push me to my limit, but I do have a lot of free time to devote to poker since I am not in school.

Day 11/30

$$ 21k/20k GOAL reached hopefully no downswing takes it away from me.


Blogger charleslatan said...

enjoying your blog: like the idea of the 100k/100day for your next goal. you're sick.

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