Saturday, October 21, 2006

first day back

First full day of online poker since the party poker canceling. I lost a few hundred but did alright for a while getting back to my multitabling ways. Had 20-25 tables going 90% being 180s of all buyins $4-$20. I was doing just fine with a new table situation setup. I had 15 on left screen 12 on right. But, than I accidentally hit tile tables and than it sent 20 tables to my left screen and left 6 on my right. Left screen was so crowded and I kept timing out in a lot of tournys. I didn't have a score about 100$ though hit a few fts for 180s never getting better than 4th. Also, got down to 2 tables in a 5$ FO, but tanked half my stack on 2 table bubble restealing. Than my 9BB shove of j10 got called by A9 and AK. looked good on the 10xx flop bad on the Ace river. I did a little bit in cash to make up most of my tourny fees.

I was planning a trip to TS this weekend for their tournys but due to having a few things to do with the nov team challenge as well as being too lazy to drive 2 hours to get there. I will be spending the weekend grinding my 180s. Time to get back to my roots where I enjoyed poker.


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