Friday, October 13, 2006

And down goes partypoker

Well there goes my first site and what is the reason I am where I am in this crazy poker world. Really sad to see it go for US players. Had some great times there and from poker I made over 100k on poker yet overall I am down like 20k on that site I believe. Really sad how that turned out, even had a nice run at 100/200 while doing a honorary last shot at party while I could made like 10k, next day lost that 10k and 5 more playing table games again. Still had a little in my account at the time ran it upto like 5k now it's stuck on that site.

Now I am totally screwed it seems for the coming week or two. Firepay won't accept my money so I have no way of getting money online until I figure out how to do a wire transfer. My debit card does not work with poker sites. I was hoping to be able to either trade party money for stars or just get a neteller account working but looks like neither of that can happen either. So I guess I am stuck with the 300 I have on stars and playing a few 20/180s and the newly added 10/180s and hopefulyl win a few so I can have a actual workable roll until I figure out a way to get 10k or so online


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