Monday, November 06, 2006

A solid start to the Nov team challenge

Well I wokeup yesterday around 3:00 am estern ready for a serious amount of tournys. I played alright when I had chips I went deep when I didn't get chips I was out pretty much my usual situations. One thing I lacked was top 3s. I made it to 8 FTs on the day and 1 FT bubble when I 3 barelled a fellow 50k stack in blind confitation knowing he had a really weak ace and turned trips. Of my FTs I only won 1 a 10/180 and that was quite disapointing. Thanks to a new stars feature evg told me about I foundout I had played in 60 180 sngs about half 4/180s and other half split between 10 and 20. And only 14 MTTs. Numbers were lower than I expected bu for a 14 hour spawn I signed up for every 180 that went on as well as all buy 1 MTT. I am going to try to adjust my sleep schedule to be a bit later so I can start my sessions around 11-12 am. Thay way I can make more of the peak times when more tournys of larger buyins are going on.
My team all made a respectable effort in their tournys evg is in top 20 so far for the weekly TLB rankings, while BMX and smitty matt both had a few 20/180 fts neither winning but still solid efforts. Timex came in 30th in the mil which was very clutch for us to pretty much cancel out the TLB score that adam junglen had going 4th in the 2nd chance. Overall as expected my team is way ahead of the team we are playing as well as the other teams in the challenge. I expect is to have this locked up mid to late thursday so we can rest up and prepare for the next week's win.


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