Tuesday, November 14, 2006


For the second time on stars I won the weekly TLB, I played almost 500 tournys for the week to win it. I made a over 40fts for the week too but only had 5 wins which I was quite disapointed about. I am only playing 5 days full days this week as sunday I had an incident where my neighbors got kicked out by thier parents and came over to my house for a few hours before their parents calmed down and sobered up. On monday, I was conned into being a chauffeur to a tstone trip with my some of my family. I really didn't want to go up on a monday knowing the games would be only a few and low limits. Ended up doing a $65 tourny with 55 runners because there was nothing else to do. Ended up winning that pretty easily for 1k+. Sick hand of the tourny (600/1200 200a) was folded to UTG+1 who just lost a big pot who had 1BB he calls with 910s, next guy to act CL at table overlimped with AA. Guy behind him shoves for like 6k total with 77 ; next guy calls for over half his stack with 88; next girl took 2minutes before folding 55 she said after. Folds around to BB who also calls for more than half his stack with JJ . Get's back to AA guy and he shoves both call. So 5 to the flop everyones in pot is over 140k and the avg stack at the time is 13k. Flop was A44 and the Aces held and the FT bubble was busted when we were just 14 handed.

At the final table I really didn't play much did a few blind blind steals OTB and in CO that worked. Big hand when we were 7 handed 6 paid guy had 200 chips UTG after antee(800/1600 300a) next guy calls the BB; I call with A8hh 2 other guys call. Flop is AdAx8x guy infront of me leads 3k, I call, others fold. Turn is a Jx and he shoves I call and he shows 88 for the flopped underful that is drawing dead. Next big hand we were 4 handed (1.5k/3k 500a) CO raised 9k which is a big hand cuz table was very passive and predictable PF I have AA make it 25k afew a few moments. SB hems and haws and finally folds claiming JJ and I believe him. Other guy insta shoves his AKo I hold and double to become CL. Get HU after guy opened in SB with A9o I shove KK and win on the AQJ108 board. Had 1.5 to 1 lead HU early but we both had 40+ BBs. Not many interesting hands we were just playing small ball guy had to see every flop and I was card dead. For a 35 straight hands we went to showdown and 3 of those hands I had a pair never anything more. I was dwindled down to 70k when he had 200k+. I open KJs he shoves I was priced in call and beat his 44. We are now even in chips, a few hands later I open Ax10c OTB he calls, flop is AK3 all clubs. He checks I bet like 2/3rds pot he calls turn is a 4c he checks I check behind because he has been shoving scare cards a lot. River was like a 7x he shoves for a little over pot I instcall. He shows A4 and my flush is good. He was left with 6k which was 1 BB and so we just run it he has KK I have 68o and make a straight and win the tourny.


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Used your name as a referral on psmoney.com Hope you get something for it.

Was one of many that you crushed today! lol

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