Monday, January 01, 2007

New years goals

Well last few weeks have been crazy for me. Getting my backing and shit together for PCA was just one of the many things I had to get done. I also made a pretty strong attempt to win weekly/yearly TLB during the last 2 weeks and came close but short in both of them. Mostly because I took a few days off to do some other things which were def worth it. Met up with a few guys to play some monopoly while ESPN interviewed mike for their upcoming USPC broadcasts where that should be one of the human interest stories they show in the middle of episodes. Have had a decent 2 weeks made a few grand but nothing big in a while not even a 5 figure FT in the last 2 weeks.

Goals for 2007, with a full year to grind for mtts I figure I need to set the bar very high as 365 days is a lot of time and a lot of tourneys. I expect to play over 8k MTTs and 180s during this span. Shouldn't be that hard with a little under 200 a week which is def a pace I can handle. Also once I get from PCA and get back into my groove of grinding I expect and should moveup to top yearly pretty quickly. I do not want to relinquish that control as soon as I get it whenever that may be this year. I am unsure what to set a monitary goal at for the year so I think I will leave that out. The one goal with winning I know I want to do is winning 100 180 mans during the year which should be pretty easy for me if I get to my other goals.

This years been such a change from switching to mtts, finally getting away from table games(so far), and meeting some of the top poker players and prob a lot more at PCA and WSOP upcoming.


Blogger Ditwelve said...

Hey Shaun i have few question if i can ask...
Are you pro you seem play many times you don t work or study ? :p
Do you use Tracker?
And do you make repport of PCA ?

Thx Ditwelve (from France Sry for my english)

3:52 PM  
Blogger Shaun Deeb said...

I guess I am a pro, poker is my source of income and obv I play a lot of hours.

Yes, I use pokertracker but lately it's been broken e-mailing support now to try to get it fixed.

By report do you mean hands? If so, not really the few interesting hands I posted 90% of the rest were raise and win it PF or 9% raise PF and win with con bet.

11:33 PM  

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