Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A proud moment

For the first time tonite I really was able to see how much my game has affected those around me. One of my students tossed me a few IMs throughout the night about his redic swings that he was having while deep in the 3R every 15min I would get an IM saying how hes top 5. 30min later he would say how he lost 80% of his chips. I knew it was brutal for him esp being at a 109fo earlier he bubbled at being aggro. But, he was doing the right things just not getting the results. Keep telling him the chips will come etc. I forget about his run and go watch a movie, get a new update hes at the FT. I open it up and am happy to see him be one of the shorter stacks at like 1.1mil with blinds 30/60k and going up to 40/80k in 2 minutes. I tell him time to make a move soon and he agrees. A few hands later he reshoves in bb with AQs and hits a Q and a FD vs 77 and holds to get upto like 1.6mil. A few more steals followed by c-bets a few more resteals busting same 77 guy within 4 orbits he now has 4.4mil and CL.

It was weird to see my style from the observer point of view watching him run over a table that wasn't willing to adjust they all wanted to move up. He won the key races as well and I think he knocked out 5 of the last 6 people to get HU never losing CL since he gained it at FT. The clinic was great for me to watch in just a few quick coaching sessions he was recognizing the weak points of the table and attacking with blind aggression. It's very diff sweating a student than just a friend because a student you have had much more recent control molding their game to yours. When he finally got HU he had a 17mil to 1.6mil CL with blinds a goofy 85000/15000 stars has some really weird blind levels in the rebuys know. And within like 10 hands he had the tourney won for over 5k his biggest score. And since I remember the first night I had my big score from a mtt back in may from the 35k I was sure he was going through the same feelings I had during that time which is what keeps a lot of people playing tourneys when other things may have a better hourly and less stress.


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