Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Best individual day

Sunday was a sick day for me I ended up taking down the early afternoon 109fo for 9k as well as winning my first WSOP ME seat in the 650. Not bad considering I wasn't even planning on making an effort for the seat and this was the first time I played a sat for it. I'll try to win some other seats now prob for the W$ to sell. Still going to sell shares of myself for the whole series including the ME as I plan on playing all NLH tourneys which would cost about 50k in tourney buyins according to my estimates

I've had a lot of trouble last 3 weeks motivating myself to play tourneys, I've been running really hot at cash games playing higher than usual so it makes it tougher to sit down and grind for a 12 hour session when I could play 1 hour of cash and expect to make as much money. I dunno need get back on the grind still feel like I am playing well for tourneys just so hard to keep reg after a few hours.


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