Thursday, June 07, 2007

My first WSOP cash

I started yesterday with a pretty tough table compared to the other tables I've been at for events. A few seats away from me a guy looked really familiar but a lot of people do to me so I didn't bother figuring out who he was. He ended up being none other then johnny bax I introduce myself and later knock him out with my KJ vs his 44 and another shorites 44. I was playing very lag with the shallow stacks hoping to chip up fast before people adjusted. But, there was a really tough player 2 to my left who was abusing me. I whittled my stack down to 1300 after a failed 2 barrel on same player who check/shoved on me on the turn. A few limpers to me I shoved K10s for 13bbs they fold, a few hands later I get AJo otb an a guy who I had seen open 2x an orbit and show A2o etc at showdown from EP raises 3x, I jam he calls QhQx KhQx 9h 10h blank board really made me sweat my suckout. I chip up a little more after that until my big hand last hand of break. They announce it's break and half my table leaves so obv I open j5o UTG+1, he flats me in MP1 and BB calls I had like 7k stack he had 9k BB had 4k. J93r board I bet 1200 he makes it 3500 I shove for 2k more he has 810 and I hold for the 15k pot.
So I come back to the break chip upto like 20k get KK vs QQ for 7k more. Made a nice move for me PF I raise UTG AKcc to 600 old guys makes it 1375 he had like 8k stack I flat call and c/f J98r board and he shows aces phew, If he made a real 3bet PF I was obv shoving. Really interesting hand the tough kid to my left has pushbotted his way upto 11kish stack at 200/400. Fold to me in CO I open 1100 with A9o folds to him he's shoves really quickly but didn't look happy when he saw his hand. After like 3 minutes I finally decide to call it was 40% of my stack at the time he shows 810s and I hold. Whole table is amazed by my call etc cuz they would all fold AQ there etc. So I chip up for a bit with a good image knocking out the good players already, I double one shorty who shoved 10s over my UTG raise with 99 for like 9bbs after a coldcaller. This guy later angle shot me for a pot. He was really bad asking questions about his oplay never played a tourney before online or live didn't understand antees, coloring up, breaks, etc.
So he was really nitty and opens in CO to 1600 at 3/6 right before the dinner break he's said he's done small goals all day small steps etc so his next one was dinner break. So I raise him to 5k in the SB and he has like 15k I have 40k, I was going to shove any flop even the 997 with fd but before I could he bets 2k. I was first to act so this really confused me, I knew if he had a pair or draw he wasn't folding so therefore I get it in with 5 high praying for a chop. So I eventually c/f. He showed Q10 for complete air and I was shocked he leveled me and I didn't think it was possible.

Our table breaks after a bit I move to a table with another 40k stack and a bunch of 25k stacks avg was still around 12-15k at the time so there were a lot of chips to accumulate. I play tight when I first come over because I came with 4 racks of chips 2.5 of them being antee chips. I recognize oakplayer at the table we joke and jab and I tell him I'm going to stack him. Interesting hand between us he has 25k I have 40k he opens for 1650 in Mp3 I call in BB with K10ss and flop huge with Kx 8s9s. I c/c his 5k for a few reasons which seemed right at the time. Turn is an offsuit Q and it goes cc. River is another K and I bet like 8k and oaks telling me how huge of a flop he hit and I'm like that's impossible to flop bigger then I did even 67ss is a huge dog to me. So he calls and shows QJss and said he was 3betting the flop which sucks that's like 1 of 3 hands he stacks off on the flop that I am ahead of. So that was like 15k I left on the table.
I was upto like 45k now which was my peak at the time blinds 4/8 I open 33 UTG+1 Button with 15k flat calls BB with 35k flat calls. 3c8c9x flop I lead for 4500 Button shoves I instacall he shows A9cc board comes 9A for a sickening way to lose with a set. So I am down to 30k now and frustrated 2 hands later a laggy older guy opens in CO to 2500 at 4/8 still my BB I defend with A10o KQ2 flop with a flushdraw I got bd with my ace. I c/c his 5k c-bet turns an 8 it goes c/c rivers an 8 I lead 7k he folds. I show he gets mad. I get a few real hands and open get some action and now back to my 40k and there's another break. I get back from break fold a few hands Laggy old guy opens to CO 2500 at 6/12 he has 40k I have 45k and considered 3betting by took a flop with 59ss, Flops As 4s 7x I c/c his 4k turns 10s I check he bets 4k I c/r to 14k total and try to look super weak while hes deciding what do do he ends up 3bet shoving for like 12k more I snap call he shows 73o for 3rd pair and drawing dead. I didn't notice that he was drawing dead and the worst river card came the 7s, So I recheck the cards to make sure I won I did. I have 85k now and coast for a bit.

There's a problem with a player coming to our table who the TD says avoided the blinds taking a phone call and comes to the table after the BB passed his seat. So the ruling is that he pays the blinds and 1 chip at a time goes into each pot PF. So first hand theres extra 500 chips in antees I expect a lot of guys to shove behind me cuz they have been shoving a lot, So I decide I'm going to only open tight here cuz I am EP with lots of 15-20bb stacks behind me. I joyfully find KK and open 2.5x to 3k and the tables talking about how Im stealing cuz of the 500 so I'm just praying someone goes by that. BB decides to call he has 60k stack so I'm like drooling. Flop is an ugly A52 with suited A5 BB leads for 4k I call turn is a offsuit 7 he leads for 7k I call, rivers another ace he bets 12k I call he shows 33 I rake in another pot to put me over 100k. Sadly our table broke after that hand and we still had some chips to play from that guy and my image was perfect to lag it up now. But I move to a knew table with another 100k stack and a 75k stack to my left who I later findout is john murphey. He gets bluffed by the other big stack and he shows. I hadn't opened a hand in my first 10 hands at the table so I open Q4s UTG+1 and he flats next to act everyone else folds 1055 flop with 1 of my suit I bet 6k he calls turn is a 9 bringing a flushdraw not mine I bet 13k he calls pretty quickly rivers a offsuit J I lead for 23k he turbo mucks I show. He's shocked so is rest of the table. 3 hands later UTG 3.5x with a 12bb stack the other huge stack flat calls I wakeup with aces in SB squeeze but they both fold I show to get respect on squeezes later. Cuz I could tell the other bigstack 3 to my right loved to CC raises. I keep chipping up well getting some hands here and there. Get upto 150k stay there I couldn't abuse the bubble with the stacks/players behind me but that was fine. I win a race vs a 6bb stack my 44 vs KQ and I chip up a few other hands and end up a little under 200k for the tourney which is CL.

I resume play at 2pm today blinds being 1/2k/300 I think for a few minutes


Blogger Scott Cason said...

very nice shaun,
good luck tomorrow

12:14 PM  
Blogger Jarooty said...

gj shaun.. take it down!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Nate Avenson said...

Obv you are making the final table today. I see a bracelet in your future...

12:33 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

sweet man! gl!

2:59 PM  
Blogger SteveMatador said...

Great work "CL" Shaun, you have a 2 to 1 chip lead on Phil Hellmuth, LOL! GL man, take that baby down!!!!!!!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Martin Freigger said...

Big Bucks- No Whammy's ;0)
Hubba Hubba-

3:33 AM  

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