Saturday, June 02, 2007

My ADD post for the series

Got a lot of little things to talk about and one big thing thayer.

First little things, heres a copy of the post I made in ATF on 2+2 about one person who bought a share and MAY be scamming people trying to oversell shares and then stick it on me for not paying; here's what I posted

This particular poster(goat_beard) did in fact buy a share from me for WSOP but I think he's using it to scam people hoping to use the fact I am semi-known on 2+2 to get people to invest. I know 2+2 frowns upon any staking agreement etc in public and never posted it here etc. But, this guy is getting redic I am 90% sure he's trying to oversell to people on the forum and prob is going to say I didn't pay him or just make a new 2+2 account keeping whatever money he can raise.

He did send what he owes me and I still plan on giving him his profit at the end but I really don't think his posts should be allowed because most likely I will get the blame for people going unpaid. I would like his posts dealeted the fact he cross posted all over the place is what makes me smell scam which some people may believe. Here are links to the threads I noticed already from a search please edit/remove them

Also moved into my condo in Manhattan Condos really nice going to be with thayer for entire 2 months and otehrs stop in and out for a week or two. Thayers deep in WPT Mandalay bay for the few who don't know already he stars the TV final table tomorrow and he's 5/6 and really short a fellow online player jarrod camby (wacokid) has been crushing with what I've seen last 2 days. Hopefully they get HU with thayer winning with 27o vs AA unlike last time. It's great to have someone I am friends with get so deep and be around him to sweat and helpout with shit.

I am playing my first WSOP event too tomorrow the 1500 NL should be very soft with over a 3k person field that's like 17 180mans I need to win to get to the final table. But tomorrow will be cool regarless either I go semi deep past level 5-6 in the event or I get to go be thayers #1 fan. Also, I've meet some really cool people from p5 and 2+2 so far and everyone seems to be ready and psyched for a profitable and partying summer.


Blogger Austin said...

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9:39 AM  
Blogger Austin said...

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9:52 AM  
Blogger gillen033 said...

I know Austin (goat_beard) and can vouch for his credibility. That probably doesn't mean much since you don't know me, but I have bought 2/10's of the share and fully trust Austin to pay out any winnings. I hope this incident doesn't sully his good name...and I just want to say good luck to you Shaun. Even though I can't make it to Vegas, I'll be tracking the tournys online and will be rooting for you.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Shaun Deeb said...

Austin but you can understand why I was concered especially with how you worded your posts and the fact you spammed them on many boards. I hope it's all fair because I want to share my winnings with many people and def love having a rail.

10:46 AM  

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