Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sickening 12 hours

I played in yesterdays 1500 LHE and was a very soft tourney I was never worse than the 2nd best player at the table. I had run up a big stack getting 22k when avg was around 8k but lost most of that in the next orbit just getting redic bad setup hands. I got down to like 3k at 8/16 level raise with AJs get it in vs J9s and 33 and hold. Get upto 10ish really awful guy who was down to 400 and keep doubing with awful hands and was 2nd worst player at table ahead o tj cloutier. Who tries soo hard to intimadate people by talking like hes good. So this awful guy raises I 3bet with KK he 4bets I 5bet Jxx flop I have like 4SBs left he has 3 so we get it in AA good sigh. Built back upto 8k a little while later and busted 155th when bp ran into tp/tk when I had 3BBs left so no chance of folding.

A few other interesting hands I may post about later as of now I was planning on playing the 1k rebuy today but thayer after dominating online tourneys for the night ordered a bunch of food which was bad and got us both sick. Goggles just got here rooming for the next week and a half. I may play in the 1500 o8 at 5pm if I feel better. Hopefully I can get some shit done around the condo that I've been putting off for the week.


Blogger Martin Freigger said...

Hey Shaun-
Good Luck in Vegas! I love the blog- Sorry I did not see you before you left. Looking forward to your posts- Stay out of trouble-
Martin S. Freigger

3:14 PM  
Blogger Nate Avenson said...

Chipleader going into day 2!!! You own this tournament! See you at the final table! Good Luck!!!

9:10 AM  

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