Sunday, June 03, 2007

WPT TV table

I'll leave the poker content down for a bit as there was a lot of sick non poker things that went down. I busted in the 1500 NL at Rio at like 440. I then rush to get a cab and find my way to the south convention center. While in route Aaron and Kush call me to see when/where the taping is I give them the info right as I am walking in. I get lost and walk around the set after wishing thayer and Jarrod gl. I find some seats in the back and I am cheering for thayer when they announce him entering the table.

A few hands go by where action got really juiced up big hand like 3rd in the satialite guy whose name escapes me opened 2nd to act shawn buchanen 3bet OTB and the guy ends up shoving with JJ Shawn called with KK. Took forever until they started to show the board the whole production side is funny having to make sure they have every angle and every reaction they want before the cards come. Gotta be tough on the players to see they are behind and sweat for so long.
Door card on the flop was a J the whole crowd goes wild Shawn's crowd screams as they notice a K right behind it. This then made the whole table 4 short stacks and 2 big stacks. By this time a the sat guy and wong busted so it's 4 handed and they go on break. At this time Brendon came by and I go down talk to thayer and his buddy tells us the production team said these seats behind them were reserved for thayers family and friends. So we sit down and the people who were sitting there happened to be David Levi's wife and daughter and some other friends we get into an argument on how they are our seats etc and even had little things saying reserved thayer on them. So eventually one of the staff comes over and corrects the problem and tells them to find a seat so now we are 2nd row with a more clustered cheering section. There are some comments made by Davids section who were such assholes to us but wouldn't even give up THEIR seats for his wife and daughter who were stuck in the back row.

We findout theres a bar right outside so we start drinking very quickly start getting louder as the 4 handed is going longer. The 4 of us are def louder then the other 100 people in there. Jarrod makes some jokes about cutting us off and getting us ided as kush was making fun of the baylor softball team to me since they were on TV and he overheard it and shot a huge grin over to kush.

We get into some intense antisweating once thayer busts out. David gets it in vs Jarrods 99 with 77 Flop comes AJ8 all diamonds david has a diamong jarrod doesn't. Davids section is chanting diamond like 15-20 of them. Us 4 are now chanting club just as loud if not louder then them. Turn comes a Jx so now I start cheering for 9d and yelling at the top of my lungs. One of the people in his crowd turned around with such a sad look on his face and was like common no need to do that. I'm like you root for him I root against him. They all left and we were forced to move to another section where we watched a great HU match. We had some close calls when we keep getting yelled at for talking during the taping but thayer and jarrod were both enjoying the loud rail behind them. It was a lot of fun and I hope if I ever get to one of those FTs myself I have some drunken asshole there to replace me.


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I've been checking like crazy to see how you are doing in the events you've played so far. The coverage at is absolutely terrible. Their chip counts are hours old and very incomplete. They have blog updates but only talk about the hands that big name pros have played. I have probably read about 30 hands that Freedy Deeb has played while searching for some results on you. What I'm saying is, how are you doing? how's event 4 going?

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