Friday, June 08, 2007


I can't say that I am happy with my result but I am very happy with my play during both days. I had a big suckout at the begging of the 3rd level for the day. I had a very tough table with elky and adanthar on my left with other good aggro people. One kid with a cardrunners shirt who made some comments to me when I sat down but wouldn't give up his online name. So first hand back from the break blinds are 2k/4k/500 a aggresive guy opens MP3 to like 13k with 60k behind I make it 35k OTB with A10 BB shoves pretty quickly for a little over 90k other guy folds. I do the math and I am getting close to 3 to 1 and obv have to call. I am hoping he has KK/QQ but he has AK and I hear guys at the table piping up I folded a 10 etc. I hate when people do that but alas flop comes 10 high and board stays 10 high. I am now upto like 350k, which would sadly be my peak.

Thankfully our table breaks quickly and I move to what I considered the best remaining table. I picked up a few chips here and there but started running into a lot of hands and going card dead. I lost like 80k when button jammed for 80k at 3/6/500 level I find A10 in SB and reshove he shows KJ AQx10Q board quite gay. I was down to like 200k now. I steal a few blinds then same guy from KJ open shoves in CO for like 90k at 4/8/1 level and I find 8s and reshove flop is 855 and I am back up to 300k. Nothing really important happens but I find AQ in SB LP guy who started to lag it up once he won a race to get a 200k stack opens in CO to 27k at 4/8/1 I stick 200k in in SB and BB instacalls for his 100k stack. Other guy folds BB has QQ and doubles through me. I chip my way back upto 300k by stealing blinds guys to my left commenting on how I opened 3 pots in a row after I opened with 22 2.5x he shoved for 5x total with KQ and the SB who was tight reshoved for 12bbs so I fold and the SB had AK and board came J109 so other guy doubled. This particular guy was short all day long and finally got some chips and started reshoving on some guys opens and stuff. So he was opening up his game with chips.

It gets to the dinner bubble I have like 280k blinds are 6/12/1 and they announce it's dinner time and 4 of the 7 players get up to leave before actions to me UTG+1 I gleefully
find A7hh and 2.5x expecting to take it down but it folds to button who shoves for like 17x he looks like he soo doesn't want a call and I think he's making a move knowing I am opening any2 with everyone gone. So I reluctantly call trusting my instincts which may or may not of been wrong but he shows AJo I see such a pretty flop of Qh 8h 2x and fully expect to suckout at this point turn Qx gives me even more outs to win something back but river blanked :(. I was left with 80k stack going into the break. I was utg and find J9o and shove I don't know if it was right shove because it was a bubble and 2 other people on diff tables were all in and I didn't even know. Because if someone got eliminated we redraw for tables so I skip BB possibly. I get called by A9o and don't hit a 3 outer. Then there was a lot of confusion as the TD was like you are 28th and some other guy is 27th I ask him how come he says stack sizes and that I had 71k and the other guy had 72k, I go what are you talking about I had 79k and goto my table and dealer and say did I have 79k and they all agree and the floor is confused he's like you had 3 stacks of 20 1k chips and 11 1k chips ontop. I go no I had 3 stacks of 20 1k chips and 2 5k chips underneat 9 1k chips the guy said then he had trouble seeing the difference of them. I roll my eyes as they are blue as opposed to yellow and not even close in resemblence. Then now the other guy is argueing his stack was 79k as well after a few minutes I say fuck it who cares let's just chop the diff I'll give you cash/chips now and here and then we are set. So he agrees so I hand him 1500 in chips he gives me 250 back and all is square.

So that was sadly my biggest tourney cash ever at 15.4k officially. I made some great calls and obv a marginal call cost me my stack but I'm playing to win and taking what I thought at the time was a +EV gamble I will do all day long.


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Congrats Shaun! keep it up!

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