Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 1 of WSOPE Recap

Wow what a ridiculous day is all I can say.

I was quite happy with my table compared to rest no big time tounrney player that I knew would give me problems. The names I recognized slightly were Marc Goodman and Loagerborg who I know the name from high stakes LHE.

I started off on fire the first orbit, some guy mistakingly calls without looking at his cards I am raising him any 2 OTB when folded to me and the BB was sitting out but I find jacks, raise 5x and sb and he fold I show to give off a scared live image early I am hoping for. Get 99 next hand raise get the blinds steal another pot in MP after c-betting. Then I get AA utg and raise for the 4th hand in 7 get 2 callers this time. The flop is a beautify Ah 6h 3x I bet 2/3rds pot first guy folds old guy OTB calls. Turns an offsuit 8, I lead for 2/3rds pot he flats again river was an ugly 4h. I felt like he wouldn't call with 1 pair now which was most of his range and go for a c/c of any less then PSB. He quickly checks behind I show my hand and he rolls over 33.... WTFFFF. The whole table just snaps their necks to see that he got less then 1/8th of stacks in on 3 streets when flopping a set in position and a decently safe board.

I then realize just how weak/tight my table is and I start opening a lot. This guy to my left from Poland keeps picking up cards vs me. He beat me in 3-4 straight pots and I then adjusted my opening and postflop play. Another setup hand for me was this bad french guy limps I raise qq 5x BB young sat kid from betfair calls the other guy calls. Flop 85ss3x kid leads for 1k. I call pretty quickly. Turn is another 8 he checks I check. River is Js he fires for half pot 1500. I wanted to fold but getting 3 to 1 I wanted to call show my hand etc cuz I've been sooo laggy. He has AA?????? wtf. I get chipped down a bit more prob looking steaming on the outsite but inside I am super happy because these guys are still weak/tight just getting 10s+ and AK vs me and they flat call with aces and one of them will give me a stack when they trap me PF.

I am whittled down like 15500 at the time in the BB. Folded to the guy on my right in SB he makes it 300 I find black kings and make it 1100 he makes it 3300 very quickly. He's Scandanavian I think so I laugh at how I am going to trap this guy and his Q10s. Flop comes a bice Q55 with 2 diamond for my hand he leads 5k I shove 12k total. He tanks for 30seconds says if you outflopped me with QQ congrats. I sigh and say figures. Cameras come over I am cool with busting first level AA vs KK in a blind battle with my image. Until the very very cute dealer turns me a K. I double up to 31k.I chip up a bit more here and there were a lot of interesting hands first 2 hours as every hand 2 people had hands where 200bbs whould have gone in. People were playing soo scared PF and soo bad postflop it was my dream table.

Anyways I keep chipping up then losing a big pot. Then all of a sudden Marc Goodwin stars trying to bluff me in every pot we play I keep correctly calling him down with a decent read and hand reading and he thinks it's amazing how I am calling him soo lite each time to his river c/r. I laugh and say I am a station he keeps telling reporters that kid is going to give me his stack. Which at the time I have about 45k and he had 15k. I laugh and was soo tempted to say yah when you get my stack it will already have been all of yours. I can afford to gice you 15k back and still have 5k more I took from you over today. But, alas I keep my mouth shut didn't want to get hated had a friendly table image albiet an active one. Showed as many good hands as I could I did have a lot in first 2 hours.

Lagerborg busts with QQ vs AA they both flat called a 4x EP raise lagerborg in CO the button was the frenchguy to my right. Flop comes AQ7 with 2 diamonds they go 6 bets and get it in no one expected AA for frenchie. I was happy to see him go. I keep chugging a lot Jeff Madsen comes to the table we chat a bit nice to have another young american at the table. I get him in some pots bluffing and then getting him to call when I wanted to. He later stacked off in a button vs BB confirtation where I called with 56s floped the nuts on a 874 board with fd and he 3bet shoved with k8. I am upto like 70k and have a sicko image. I basically went like 4 hours and lost maybe 4 pots where I voluntarily put money in the pot. Some of the fun call downs I'll try to recall.

Tough Scandinavian cash game guy def 2nd best player at table calls a tight guys open in the BB after I flatted with 99. flop came Q103 with a club it checks around. Turn is the 8c, He fires out 1200 old guy folds I call. He gave some speech preflop asking how much the guy had and said ok I have implied odds. He def didn't have a strong hand like KQ AQ or a set they weren't in his range. I didn't think he had QJs to Q10s because he's a cash game player and prob hates those hands multiway OOP vs who he considers best player at table and a weak/tight nit opening in EP. anyways river is a offsuit 5 and he bets confidently 3600 into the pot. Which was quite the large bet for him. I tank and realize theres only 2 hands he calls PF that has that betting patter and thats 108s and J9s with 2 nines J9s soo unlike and also if he had J9cc I think he c/r the turn with the nut straight and flushdraw. Anyways I call he shows KJcc and I guess I was off on his range PF but right that he was bluffing. He considered my 99 call amazing etc. Went out with him and betfair guys later to some stripclub and it sucked dances are 0 contact girls were super aggressive because the place was dead me and connor bailed quickly. Ok back to poker.

So other calls downs vs Marc goodwin who prob hates me now. I raise 95s otb to 500 at 1/200 he defends. Flop is 1096 r I check behind. Turn is a 10 putting a fd he checks I bet 500 he makes it 1600 soo quickly. I think he's making a move knowing I don't have a 10. river is a 7 and I decide if he bets less then 3k I'll call if he overbets it's prob a boat hoping I made the straight. I call and he shows Q2hh and I rake it in and he goes balistic to a reporter about me calling HIM with just a 9. Esp considering his PF call I wasn't giving him any respect ever. Another fun one was I raise k4cc OTB he calls in BB with basically anyhing suited anything that looks good flop is 866r 1 club I know he's gunna c/r so I check behind turn is an Ac I know he wants to c/r again so I check behind rivers a K he checks I bet 700 he makes it 2100 I tank and call and he mucks loll. He's def steaming vs me now. I win a nice big pot off him later girl to my right who has Pokerstars stickers who I later findout is sponsored pro Isabiele Mercier (sp) anyways she opens in HJ I flat next to act with JJ hoping scandanavian BB squeezes or the short stack button. The deeper stacked goodwin ends up making it 2500 more a small squeeze but even if he showed me aces faceup I would call for setvalue. But I knew he didn't put me on a pair this big ever he gave me 0 credit. Flop comes 335r he best 3500 with 20k behind I call to scare him a bit see what he does. Turn is another 3 and he checks I check behind river is a 6 he checks I check behind. He goes into a speech I have the only hand you beat nice calls etc. I laugh show my jacks and notice him and the scandanavian are like wow didn't put you on such a big pair shame if board comes high with a J in it I was soo getting paid.

Anyways do a lot of aggro moves chip up well abuse my table while still being friendly. I wish the tables stayed the same would be great as the 2nd best player imo was knocked out. We do a table redraw and resume playing tomorrow. I dusted off 10k chips with 30min left and they suck at reading my handwriting and I have 74825 at the end of the day but they reported online its 71825. That puts me barely behing Patrick Antionus as CL for our day 1b. It's awesome Adam Junglen one of the people who helped me become the tourney player I am now was leading the other room as CL ending the day. Him and PA have quite the history too so there should be some very interesting tables tomorrow.

Look at for updates starting 9 Ester.


Blogger Eugene said...

great blog post. GL in day 2!
we chatted in pocketfives & 2+2 a little under "passonme" sn. rootin for ya. upstate ny represent!


11:38 AM  
Blogger Martin Freigger said...

hubba say's call SK-

4:38 PM  
Blogger Martin Freigger said...

Shaun- If you have already called SK- then never mind- Yesterday he asked me to to have you call him-

Sounds like your having an awesome time-

Good Luck- See you soon!

4:39 PM  
Blogger danm426 said...

nice post shaun very entertaining and interesting. I have read many of your posts on 2+2 as well. I am a big fan of yours. I hope to learn to play as well as you someday. Congrats on the back to back poker stars tournament leader board championships.

1:08 PM  

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