Monday, September 03, 2007

some changes will be made

Ok I've been really busy with the whole WCP passport stuff etc, it should be all done tomorrow when I hopefully pickup my passport and flyout of Boston airport a few hours later. I will try to get online ince in barcelona to tell you guys what time my heat will be. There will be a live webcast of the heat and I'll be sure to make sure you guys have a link in time. Don't expect anything that remarkable from me as with the structure the way it is I will be doing lots of folding 4/8 teams advance as long as my team hasn't done really bad my goal will be 3rd place as I think that will help us a lot in advancing and then is when I will really breakout my game.

Also, I have recieved an offer to move my blog to A bunch of my close poker friends who I spent the summer and many other trips with are all writing there. Obv, I'll be the weakest writer out of the bunch but will be sure to give you lots of degen europe stories.

Ohh yah UB support just keeps getting better, they def trying to improve and I think during the aruba classic I will have some awesome stories to tell from the great VIP things they will be doing for me.


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