Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vegas almost over

My first summer/trip in vegas is almost coming to an end I have a few more days before my flight out and as always I've procrastinated a bunch of important things. Sometime tomorrow I need to do something about our carpet really dirty from 2 months of slobs living here and never cleaning up after each other. Place looks cleaner then anyone probably whose hung out here and see the sty. I am on an awful sleep schedule as well and hopefully after today I can correct it. Staying up all night heading to the Orleans for their $500 mtt during their series of tourneys. Haven't played live tourney since ME.

My tentative plan is head home for a week or two then head to TS for the Empire State Championship, lurk around somewhere for a weak then head to EPT Barcelona and then London for a month or so for another EPT and WSOPE. After that I am either going to Aruba or to one of the new Asia Poker Tour event and then prob a few WPTs in Niagra and then maybe LA. So I should be doing a lot of traveling probably not play that much online during this span. I may finally get passed for yearly TLB but I will make an effort prob one week a month to win weekly and thus keep myself in contention for yearly then make a late rush when winter comes.


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