Thursday, July 19, 2007

I checkraised my grandma

So my vegas summer is coming to an end and I happen to have some relatives in town who are also with my grandmother, who is who first taught me holdem when I was around 5. Anyways we go to an amazing dinner at seafood blue or something at MGM . We decide to go their pokerroom and I know my gram loves her low limit LHE and I say whatever I'll go have some fun at her table. I played my first live poker at her table in florida when on vacation on my 18th birthday I won a little and the first pot I ever played I beat here with a turned nut flush.

anyways I am trying to lose like 50bbs in this game playing the loose passive style with perfection. I am in seat 4 she's in seat 5 random wanna be live pros sitting thinking they are the best players ever. I've been AA bet/call on a A2235 3 club board and think he was beat by the SF/quads. Also a nut str check behind on the river cuz there was a 4 card straight on the 48J9Q so his Q10 was obv beat. Ohh yah she had 3$ behind too so getting river c/r was impossible. So I start to loosen up PF I straddle have some fun with that. About 2-3 orbits in I am raking in a stradled pot and then I hear a soft voice say I want to straddle too I look over and see my gram holding 4 chips in here hand and push them past the betting line. The dealer looks confused asks here if she knows what a live straddle is she doesn't but still wants to do it. Old randoms try to limp for $2 when they are told it's 4 cuz of the straddle they look angirly at me but I laugh and say it was me last hand. Other dealers who came by first time she did it they def perked up in their chair not expecting someone whose 85+ to be gambling it up.

anyways I got 1 c/r in vs her and I didn't have the best hand but I was happy to do it.


Blogger Martin Freigger said...

Congrats on the live games- and thats a funny story about your gram- LOL - ;0)

5:24 PM  

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