Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, after the awful start and quick finish I had yesterday I was expecting to put some sob I had a good but not great series post about how I am young still getting used to live big buyins etc. But I changed my mind and after I busted slightly after the break I happened to play a bunch of sundays got some good stacks early busted in everything late around the bubble lost some CLs some ugly ways. I endup tilt playing some Blackjack win like 25k then lost 10k back and went to my site for playing cash and saw a guy sitting HU at 25/50 who sucks nad I've played before I get it in a few hands in with 56 vs Q8 on a 569 board he 3bet and called my 4bet getting like 3 to 1 so I know it's going to be swingy. I only had 2 more full buyins for this level so I knew I had to buckle down. I go on a sick run HU and run my 5k stack upto over 50k 8 buyins from the guy HU 2 of my own. A few others sit we exchange chips I end up about 35k on the session. I take a 30min break feeling great first ever 50k day and then sit and win another 15k playing.

Days like today maybe me wonder why I play tourneys, if I won a tourney today I prob wouldn't of played any cash or attempted to tilt off a few k playing blackjack. So I guess having a shitty sunday worked out for once. That was like a basic double of my online roll right now which is sweet now I just need to spread it out a bit more as its heavily on 2 sites.

As for ME backing info, I am going to double check the math but I think my total cashes was something like 70k for the series thus you will be getting 700 a share as your cut of the profits plus about $60 from the leftover money I didn't use on a few tourneys I had to miss due to day 2s or sickness.

I need all backers to contact me and let me know where you want your share to be transfered too which site as well as which account name. IM me, leave a comment here, or pm me on 2+2 and p5.


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