Friday, June 15, 2007

The worst side of tournament poker

Sorry for being a little behind on updates not much went on last few days, busted 2nd hour in the 5k NL took the next 2 days off to get a bunch of errands done finally. So I've been semi productive outside of poker for once this trip which was helpful. I played todays 2k NL drew a maniacal first table with phil laak going nuts as well as a few others had 3 people busted in first 4 hands. Those were def the weaker spots one of the people who replaced the person to my right was Kush a person who I've met and hungout with a lot at ts and was with me during the wpt tabling. We are talkative and bullshit for an hour as neither of us do anything. No really interesting hands I bluff my stack down to like 2500 before break. Come back at 100/200 waiting for a spot to shove. Our table is about to break I decide that I am doubling before we move or busting which was in 4ish hands. I wasn't in a good poker mood I was getting way too anxious.

So Kush opens in EP I see an ace and shove I noticed later he was a lot shorter then I realized and def wasn't opening light there. He calls quickly and I say I just saw an ace he is elated and flips his AQo. I find A7cc Flop comes KcQx10x I say gg kush gl etc. Turn 10c river 4c. Now I have 5k shocking. I move to a new table I notice that only 1 person has knocked someone out he has like 10k one guy has 6k everyone else 2k. Thankfully the 2 big stacks that I assume are aggressive are on my right so good table pos. I steal a lot of pots there and chip up well get priced into a few shorty shoves with ok hands and I get there. We break at the start of the new level and I find my new table laak is there as well with about 10k I moved with like 9k a few other deep stacks kid to my right has like 15k. and everyone seems to be deep. I am quite happy with that I like playing big pots and big stacks so this fits me perfectly. I bust a shorty or two and get upto like 18k avg is prob under 10k still Jurollo moves to my table a seat to my left and he has like a little over 5k which means I need to open light as he will be shoving over my LP opens with anything decent. So a few hands go by I find QQ raise to 1100 in MP Justin shoves for like 4500 I instacall and he shows AJo. K high flop I look safe J turn makes it interesting, J river makes it depressing. It wasn't the beat that bothered me it was that a tough player who knows a lot about me now has a stack behind me. I chip up a few times pull a sick squeeze on a utg 3x 2 guys call to his left I shove like 22x in with Q8o in MP and everyone folds I show and justin was like didn't even have to show I knew etc. I usually don't show but I wanted to nit it up now cuz stack sizes sucked and I wanted a bad image with good cards in the future. I get my wish like 4 hands later justin opens 3x in EP laak calls in CO SB flat calls I find AA and ship in like 30x and make the same action betting and seat position hoping to get a loose call. I don't and show cuz now I have a stack and a nutso image I didn't want cuz I was now deep enough to play a lot of pots vs the others but didn't want to get played back at soo much once I commit a few k. So I steal a few more pots chipping up well make a move on a guy who 3xed over a laak limp which he was doing lots I call with Q10s in SB and c/r him on a KJx flop with a flushdraw commited myself and he folded. I was now upto over 20k and avg was prob around 10k. So a few hands go by I am feeling good playing great making the right reads and moves in each spot. UTG 3x same guy who I did the big squeeze over with Q8, A guy to my right who called lots of raises called I find 22 and we all have over 15k at 200/400 so it's an easy call for me too bad everyone behind us folds we see a flop of AJ2 rainbow. I am thinking in my head if either of these guys have Jx or better I am getting a stack my image is that good. They check to me I bet 2500 into like a 4500 chip pot the UTG guy c/r to 7500 I tank for a bit and ship in my 20kish total he snap calls I show my set he just had the most depressed look ever on his face. He slowly shows AJ and looks like he's about to cry until the dealer burns and turns the fucking ace of spades. I am down to 1 out and whiff. I say gg wish justin luck since he's built up a decent stack since he got to the table.

So basically today could of been a stressfree standard tourney day of getting nothing going, I am content with that with these structures you need to win pots in the first 2 hours to get anything going. I am a firm follower of aggro nutjob first hour to get a stack in these live tourneys. I wasn't able to do that and managed to make a huge suckout on a friend to get a starting stack back ran it up if I win that 22 pot I prob am current CL in the tourney with such a monsterous 100bb stack as well as an image to that would stop anyone buy justin messing with me without the nuts and I would be able to abuse my table but noo dealer has to put his 4 outer out there.


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Tough luck Shaun...four outers come, indeed the worst side of tourny poker... your playin like a champ though. A six figure finish is obv on the way. Congrats on the 13th place finish in the Sunday Mil BTW. Keep it up. I'm pushin the WSOP Sats hard this week, hoping to make it out there to rail you if nothing else(wow, that sounded gay) Good luck.

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