Wednesday, June 20, 2007

another 27th

I made my 2nd day 2 of the series. I had a very solid day 1 which I was happy about because I really hated how the sunday tourney went down. I was 30min late to the event because the taxi company took over an hour to send a taxi to my condo. I finally get to rio pay the cab driver and as I am walking to the cage to register I notice I only have 2 rio 1k chips in my pocket I had 3 when I was leaving my apartment I'm on the phone with the taxi company operators and miss my first few hands at my table once I find it. I recognize a few people jordan morgan, and SIHB craig marc guy to my right is a tv pro whose name I forget remember hearing he's aggressive. I chip up my 6k stack up to 8k nothing too interesting flop a set multi way get some flop action. A few hands later a bad guy limps jordan and craig overlimp I find KK in the SB and make it 325 at 25/50. First 2 limpers call and craig then makes it like 2k to go with like 3500 behind. I stick my stack in he calls with AKo I hold. I win the next few pots and get upto like 15k before first level even ends. It was all down hill from there a few raises/cbets getting called and a few times seeing flops missing/making a move and failing. I get down to 9k tv pro limps UTG I make it 400 at 50/100 with JJ next to act button calls BB who is jamie gold who came late played a hand awful and sucked out after putting his stack in with 4 outs and ace high on the turn. So we see a flop 4 ways and it's 643r I lead 1k get raise by button shove and lose to his set. Takes skill to get a 2.5x starting stack in 30minutes after missing first 30 and still not make first break 1 hour later.

I didn't do much on sunday online after either, so it wasn't like going out quick helped me make more money.

I wokeup and was excited to play the 6max since I missed the earlier one. There was a big screwup with alternates in this, when I first went to signup they said sold out and were checking to see if they would reopen it. They decide they will and they decide to make alternate tables which take 30minutes to setup. We get dealers and then we moved from 1 table to another then back to the first table. While other people were switching. They couldn't decide to use what the computer was saying or what the floor and players were saying. Finally we start to play guy busts first hand and doubles the guy to my left who was only other young kid so prob only person capable of playing good 6max. The empty seat is filled by David Benyamin
he played better then I expected from him. Not that he's bad but more that he wouldn't care about a 2500 tourney. Anyways not many interesting hands from my first table cept when I flat called a shortstacks raise with AA in SB BB squeezed and we both had like 14k when rest of table had under 4k I jammed for a PSB and he folded QQ faceup really shocked the younger kid made that laydown. I prob requeeze with a few hands there.

I move to a new table a little while after with about 15k when avg is under 10k. I make a flop 3bet shove with K8hh on 974 1 heart 2 diamond board I didn't think the kid would ever call and he did with top 2. I turned OESD but whiffed. I got short to like 5k but did a squeeze next hand and then was able to c/shove a OESD+FD and pickup more chips I chip up well over the next few hours and get my stack upto 50k without any huge conformations. Our table isn't going to break at all during the day and we go about 5 hours with the same 6 people at one time we all had over avg when first at the table but now only myself and the girl to my left who played well and was a friendly girl who was giving us amatuers advice on the best strip clubs and why. I later find out she's an ex playmate. She then really misplayed a hand giving me no credit and losing her stack to me. We were only 2 with over 50 avg was 45k everyone else had around 15k. I open AKo OTB to 3300 at 6/12/200. She flats in the SB BB folds. Ac5c3x flop she leads for 4k I flat call turns an offsuit 9 she leads for 7k I make it 20k she verbally instacalls I get worried that she has more outs then I think. And as I am deciding what to do on the river I see it roll off as 4c the worst card in the deck. Anyways she shoves pretty quickly I notice it's a little over 10k so I say whatever pots huge I call. She shows AQo and I win a monster pot.

My table would never get another softer spot again everyone who came to my table was a good 2+2er/p5er or solid live pro after the fact. Hoyt corkins comes to the table with 25k stack which is well under avg but runs really good owning a guy and gets a huge stack shortly after. He plays really well for anyone who hasn't played with him luckily for me he was on my right but still I didn't get much going ever after this point I just fluxuated a lot between 100k-150k. I bust a p5er to my left when he restole from SB with A3s into my A8o button open and he gets replaced by eric siedel. He had a short stack and shoves a few times and gets around 20k when hoyt limps the button not uncommon for him I comeplete with A8o hoping he jams over our weakness of not raising he does. hoyt folds I instacall and he shows A4o. He flops a 4 and I never get there. So I lost my chance to get to 200k stack. I had a really interesting hand vs hoyt that I posted on 2+2 where I made what appears to be a hero call but when you analyze hand ranges I think the all becomes clearer. I wasn't right at the time but I really like my thought proess and hand range which was correct. At the end of day 1 another 2+2er busted at my table and the guy who replaced him was the current CL hoyt was 2nd I was 10th and another guy at the table was 7th. So we had a lot of chips in play going into day 2.

Day 2 stars off bad for me I raise PF with A10s get an ugly board and c/f to a bet. I call a raise with a small pair and whiff badly and get down under 100k. Then get a nice rush getting AA and AKs and 3betting openers and taking down sizeable pots. Played a nicec hand vs hoyt where I flat called his MP raise with J10s floated him on a 632r board and shoved over his turn bet on a Qx turn. We lose a guy and they floor move a dead stack. Not surprisingly vinny vinh did not show up for day 2 again for an event so that changes the table dynamics a lot. Siedel busted and another 2+2er showed up admo who I was told is a very tough cash game player. He played well and I knew we would class since it was his SB when the BB was dead and it was my button.

My most crucial hand I was up over 150k blinds were 2/4k/500 folded to hoyts SB he makes it 10k I call with 56o flops K56r he leads 10k I make it 25k he calls. turns a 9 brings flushdraw he checks I bet 45k he calls. I had like 70k behind here and perfet stack for a river shove which I expect him to all after the j10 bluff. River is the ugly ugly Kx and he checks I chek behind his KQ wins. I steal the blinds a few hands later then hoyt opens CO for 9k the BB is dead and I have 80k and jam with A7s unfortunately admo wakes up with KK and hoyt shows an ace as he folds. I flop a fd but whiff. I wanted to take a bet with admo that vinny vihn outlasts me without even showing and he did. I was very frustrated after I busted that I walked away forgetting I had to get paid and went back found the floor and notice the place card I got was 27th again. I am like wow that's an omen. I get back to my condo hangout with a few people cuz I didn't feel like doing much.

I'm just going to grind online today I really need a win in some little tourney just to get that endgame confidence back.


Blogger StregaChess said...

Congrads, you out played a ton of folks. You should be proud of yourself and all that but at the same time I’m sure it's a bit depressing like being stuck in some sort of surreal dream. Consider this, the fact that you are not wetting yourself with pride and joy shows you are destined for bigger stuff. So that’s good news right?

Regarding the omen, how about this crazy spin? Add the 2+7 = 9, it’s a sign that you'll be at the final table of the main event.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Nate Avenson said...

Clearly you're gonna make a final table during the series. Your playing great. I'll be playing a long session tonite on stars and Fulltilt starting at about 3pm your time. I'll look you up. GL

12:40 PM  
Blogger Philip said...

HI Shaun, Phil S here from Ted's. I ran into your dad at a wake the other day, he told me about the blog. Congrats on your move, I wish I knew about it sooner, I may have joined ya :). Hit me up on aim, philsny76.

6:34 AM  

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