Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mr. 27

well as some of you already know 2 days ago I had my 3rd cash of this WSOP. It was my largest cash in a tourney by over 10k yet I couldn't of been more frustrated. All day 2 I was like as long as I don't get a 3rd 27th I would be happy with my result. I had an above avg stack and after raise/folding one hand in LP I then raised next hand with QJo and floated a 668r board when the blind weak led into me I fired 75k on the turn and he instashoved and I had to fold with half my stack in there. Next hand a short stack with 40k shoved in MP at 8k/16k/2k and I shoved my 180k stack in there with QJs unforutnately the guy behind me wokeup with AKo but I was in a great spot when the shortstack showed A9o I had over 40% equity on the mainpot and 44% on the sidepot but missed both. I noticed that the board said we had 28 players left so if both the shortstack and myself busted I would get another 27th. I was quite angry about busting cuz besides tdomski the remaining field appeared to be quite weak.

I have another day 2 to play today I have a little over 90k stack in the 1k rebuy which I was only in for 10k with. As well as a redic tough table that has hoodini10, ZeeJustin, Sirens, Crazymarco, and micheal binger who replaced a European stars sponsored player whose name I forget. I hope my table breaks quickly as there are a lot of good players left but my tables still prob one of the 3 worst. Moneys at 99 109 left and avg stack under 55k.

Also, been a lot of fun the few hourse I've been away from rio got a lot of the 18yearolds been in town and been having a good time drinking with them. Got a bunch of people passed out in our rediculous messy room. I may stop being lazy for 10 minutes and post some pictures of our infestation of garbage throughout the condo.


Blogger Martin Freigger said...

Mr. 27-
We missed you on the fourth. Without question- one the greatest fireworks displays ever at your house. Heard your holding your own- Good luck this coming weekend-

5:28 PM  

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