Saturday, July 14, 2007


I've been crushing whatever I decide to play lately. Had my new best day every now at +70k and 0 of it thanks to blackjack. I ran a stack up again in the 25/50 game on cake. I feel bad for john cuz he was downstairs hanging out and decided to split action with me in the game. He came down later on in the night and I ran good 3rd hand flopping a set and stacking our favorite fish. He got us back a few hands later calling 1k on the flop with a gutshot and hitting he plays really well lol.

Anyways after about an hour of teetering upto 13k then back to 8k he decided it's time to goto sleep and just to send him his cut 40% from the game so I am fine with taking the rest of the action for the night tables ok could get great if I suckout at the right time. So I eventually do that and then go on a sick rush getting my stack upto 65k peak. As I right this I have like 62k stack with a 35k stack to my left hopefully soon you get to see an update of the 70k pot I played and hopefully won.

Vegas is still great going me and ray are going to order some ihope neither of us are too tired right now even though it's approahing 10am. So I guess I'll be grinding cash for the next few hours trying to get a 100k stack.


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