Monday, July 16, 2007

success breeds success

Well as most of you frequent readers know I've had a sick week and a half or so tripling my online roll in the time by absolutely crushing anything I decided to do when it cames to betting/poker. Also, during this time a few of the people I talked to most in the beginning of my poker tournament career always I considered to be great/better than myself but a few of theirs results were not equivalent to their skill for me personally for tourneys I still think that's the case. I've still never fted a tourney with 100k prizepool which frustrates and excites me at the same time. 98% of tourney grinders got their roll a big score 1.9% got it from some other stupid thing. I am in the .1% of people who built up a roll by volume not by quality. I don't think that makes me better just makes me bitter that it could of been soo easy if I just fted a major or something in my first 2 months of tourneys. But I had the more stressful way.

Anyways there are a few other close friends who I expect to be following suite to thayer/adamjunglen/mlagoo/gobbo in crushing a major and anything else they decide to play. It feels great that I was lucky enough to run hot at other things to have equal monetary success to them as well this summer. It just gives us more freedom in the coming months to do some sick things.

I basially am planning on doing a small little live circuit trip with 5-10 other poker players hitting up tstone, EPTs, WSOPE, Aruba, WPT niagra. Maybe even sneak in the Asia poker tour that's starting up. It should be a really good time I doubt it will surpass the 2 months in vegas but I look forward to trying.


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