Sunday, August 05, 2007

WCP winner I'm going to SPAIN

A few exerpts my team beat out 4 other teams for the right to represent the US at the upcoming WCP. I am very pumped to do this. I was going to be in Barcelona anywhere for the EPT event now it's even easier. I ended up getting 4th in my WCP match I was outplayed by Belowabove the best indiviual player prob on all of the teams. He drew the seat directly on my left and abused me. My teamates stepped it up and I got very anxious when the last tourney our member got down to 3 handed and was shortest and me and tnetter estimated we needed a 2nd to garuntee the win. We had some really close calls was down to 1200 when BB was 600 and Avg stack was like 9k. Made a nice comeback got HU when down but came back to take the lead briefly. Was a good hu match but soon noticed it didn't matter we had it locked up.

As for other poker another big 50fo ft bubble, bubbled some other important shit did a propbet with thayer too where we cross booked 10% on cashes and I think I won I have 1 thing left and he has a few things going.


Blogger bizzyy420 said...

congrats shaun. i was curious how much your WSOP shares ended paying

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