Monday, September 10, 2007

London and WSOPE Main Event

Well as always I suck at planning things out and again Stars support stepped up huge for me. Making my life easy while I made theirs soo difficult. I couldn't get a hold of cash to buyin out here everyones short on cash cuz it sucks to travel with so much. I am playing tomorrow at 2 London time so that's 9 AM EST. You can goto and follow me I am playing in the Sportsclub or whatever. My starting table doesn't look close to as tough as many of the others ones.

It's really been a good time here so far, spent all of today roaming around London with Schafer the old ass pedophile and timex and connor the 18 yearold online phenoms. Quite the different appearance us 4 had walked around the city together. Went all over the place wish I had a camera some sick sick places here. Went up with some eye in the sky or something this massive constantly moving ferriswheel type thing get a great view of the city.


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