Wednesday, September 05, 2007


After such stressful days prior to my departure the last 24 hours couldn't have gone any smoother.
I crashed at my cousins place at bentley and wokeup around 10:30 and made it to the Passport business and before I even had my car in park the owner was out on the sidewalk with my envelope and passport in hand. Sweet, go hangout with an ex roomate who was nice enough to drive me to the airport. First flight was hour from Boston to phily I was tired slept most of the way don't even remember takeoff I was passed out before we left the gate. Next flight was quite longer 8 hours directly to barcelona, Flight was mostly full I def had some bad body odor fat people no shower and no space not good for cleaniness. Luckily no one took the seat in my row so I had a lot of room.

I didn't know how much that would help until later when the person infront of me put his seat back and it went quite far back and it was soo close I couldn't even us my tray table there was no room so I used the one next to me. Watched spiderman 3 was shitty wish I slept more only was able to doze in and our. Really easy getting currency exchange. I got really worried when I got in a taxi and all I had was the hotel name and the guy was like lost but I keep saying poker casino and luckily theres just 1 casino here. So we head there have a nice convo, you could tell the tapes he is learning english from are for like a double decker tourbus guide. Anyway almost to the casino he goes ohh theres AB skipper let me drop you off there. Checkin was a breeze internets a little weak but Im on.

Also, foundout I will be in heat 5 which will be broadcast during 4 PM EST and 9PM EST, from what I heard about the first 2 heats they were very very nitty. I am lucky since I will know all of my teams previous scores and what we need to advance to the finals so I may be in a spot where I need to get 5th or better or something to advance and thus will just fold my way in. is the link to the live webcast

also the only webpage I've been to that I've had trouple with is this one for some reason it's in spainish sigh.


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