Friday, September 22, 2006

No good news lately

Sorry updates been slow just nothing worth while to talk about. I don't think I've cashed in my last 100 stars tournys WCOOP going horribly doing great early in 200R top 50 stack than get moved to the toughest table easily in the tourny. I just have horrible luck with table placement. I've dropped a lot of my roll most of it not from poker. Also, going to be busy next few weeks my grandma is getting her hip replaces so that means helping her out here and there and taking shifts keeping an eye on her.

I am going to try to make the 2 events tom for WCOOP if I don't at least make a strong showing I might just end my WCOOP early because it's just a waste of money.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Best Cash day ever

Well, I continue to crush 40/80 lastnight and afternoon I booked about 14k in profit over a bunch of sessions my month profit is passing 50k and it's been a sick run. It's funny how good I am running at LHE yet so 6 tournys in the last 2 days I went out within last 2 tables not making 1 FT outside of a 50/90. Sadly, it wasn't cold decking either just losing the races and 60/40s I need to win to win those gambles. All is not lose tomorow is WCOOP can't wait for some razz to donk around in maybe get lucky and cash.

I will be playing more on stars lately so be sure to be on the lookout for me if I get in anything deep. Not as many 20/180s because I want to focus on the bigger buyin tournys that I will be doing up coming and get out of my non 180 grove where I suck endgame. I am really tired and need to get some food and some sleep right now I'll try to update mid-day tomorow.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The good side of variance

Sorry I haven't updated recently not been much news just been playing a lot of cash lately and doing very well. I am just starting up my first serious tourny night session in a while hopefully I have a nice score to brag about later. I feel like I need to get back in the swing of tournys for WCOOP up coming. I plan on playing almost half of the events as long as I feel like I have an edge even just a small one because the return on taking down one of those is life changing. I also need to get back to my 20/180s one of these days besides the challenge last night I haven't played really any in the last 405 days. The only month goal I have no reached was winning TLB. That is a long shot right now, but hey thats the way I like to be.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Goal completed

Well amazingly I have reached my goal far and away faster than I could have ever dreamed of doing it. I have run extremely well on dise in tournys as well as cash games. I know I cheated a little but damn I've been having some sick sessions there. I only made a 1k depoist there to play in their rebuys on the 7th and already I have made close to 20k on the site. Funny how good I am running there and bad I am running at stars. C'est la vie, still I can't complain at all. I FTed the 40k again yesterday and had a disapointing 7th place finish for 1700.

In other news I want to say congrats to gobboboy FTing the dise 150k sunday and taking home 20k for 2nd place. He played great as usual if any of you are wondering whose a guy to keep an eye on in tournys to learn something fron search for him and sweat his tables a great overall player. Also, made a good post in the MTTC forum on 2+2 about styles of play a must read for anyone who wants to become a winning poker player.

I wouldn't mind some feedback on what my next goal is. I want to try to go for 35k this money I have plenty of time but do plan on playing a little bit less the next few weeks. I def am playing in most of the 200 and 500$ buyin tournys for WCOOP and if I do well in any of them expect to see me in the ME. I had a suggestion to maybe do a 100k in 100 days challenge that would def push me to my limit, but I do have a lot of free time to devote to poker since I am not in school.

Day 11/30

$$ 21k/20k GOAL reached hopefully no downswing takes it away from me.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A day that could have been

Well today was a profitable day even though I only played for 4-5 hours. I made close to 1k but I was really disapointed since I was doing well in the 35k and should have gottin to the FT if the only 2 big pots I played went my way. Oh yah, and both of those pots all the money went in PF KQ vs K9 and A10 vs A8. Those were the only pots I played that were over 100k. they were 250k and 300k respectively. The A10 was my knockout hand putting me out mid 30s. If I win that hand I was top 5 in chips at a very weak tight table. I also got 2nd in a 20/180 lost a few big flips late kept making comebacks then knockout hand was QQ vs A8 AIPF. Still a good day made over 1k but I hate getting deep in a tourny and not at least getting to FT. I just know how high my edge is at that stage.

Day 9/30

$$ 16k/20k

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A day off basically

I decided to not do much today tourny wise just wanted a day to relax and recoup. I am well on my way to my goal hopefully I reach it by the end of this week so I can aim for another 10k the 2nd half of the month. I spent most of last night doing 4 tables of 100max helping out a good friend of mine get away from his 10VP$IP and 4PFR at 100 and 200 max FR. Had a nice little session too for only playing for like 45 min. I cashed in a few small tournys, one on party and cashed in two 2/180s but neither was a FT. I am alright with that I ran bad and didn't play enough tournys to have 1 with some good variance.

Tomorow I might have to help out my dad at one of our restaurants in the morning so I might just get in an afternoon session then go over to a friends to watch the ND game hopefully as they get win #2 for their up and coming undefeated season.

Also, I am working on spreading out money to FTP and UB soon so I will be able to play a lot more 20-100$ tournys with 10K+ for first place, I seem to motivate myself much better when 1st plce is over 5 figures.

Day 8/20
$$ 14.5k/20k

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Monster turnaround thanks to dise 40k

Well I just finished up the dise 33R 40k garunteed I think I played one of my best tournys in a long time considering the cards I got. I only got my money in with the worst of it 1 hand on the FT I shoved A9s with 10BBs and got called by JJ AQ8A8 board clinched it for me and I never looked back from there. I just happened to decide to put 1k on paradise today after running bad in another 20/180 when I lost QQ vs 66 for 35k pot guy made a horrible call of my 4bet allin getting bad odds and rivered his 6.

I am almost garunteed to to make my goal for the month with the 11k from the dise tourny so it feels really good to go deep in something and close out like I know I can and should 60% of the time. Final hand I opened KQs and he shoved with K9s I had to really sweat the river when the board was 7s 6x 2x 5s blank came on the river and tourny was mine.

I may have to bump my goal upto 30k so I commit myself to the rest of the month as hard as I have this week.

Days 7/30
$$ 15k/20k

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 6 not so hot

Well today was a very rough day for me. I didn't have 1 score over 100, not 1 FT in any 20/180 even though I made it in the money 6 times today. Also, I should have won the challenge since at one point I had 4 tournys left open all with less than 30 people yet I didn't FT 1 of them. Shame I had the challenge locked up if I could only have gotta a FT out of any of those 4. Really thinking of not playing online tomorow and just going to TStone or something to get a break. Oh yah and I also dropped like 500 playing 30/60 prob worst FR game I've been in a while a lot of open limping A8o 107o UTG etc yet I won like 2 pots out of 20 I played. Did really shitty in the 22R too was in for like 280 and getting it in with the best of it almost everytime.

Final tally for today is -1500 which is really bad considering besides the 30/60 what low limit games I really sucked at. That brings my monthly total down to 5k now I am on pace for my goal but still very disapointed.

Day 6/20
$$ 5k/20k

My september challenge

I'm sure most of you are aware of my current september challenge I posted on 2+2, so far it has been going really well and I am way ahead of my planned pace which is a very good sign. I've been logging in a lot of hours so far this week almost upto 65 hours which is far and away my biggest week play wise. That was helped greatly by my friday 24 hour challenge.

I am trying for a nice push for TLB over the next few days I have 3 20/180 wins good for 319 points a piece so farand a few other top 5 finishes. But, sadly I am not doing as well in the rebuys. I have had a nice stack in a few of them getting deep in the money to lose it by running into big hands with bigger stacks. I am expecting to FT something that isn't a 20/180 either today or tomorow I have had a lot of good starts but my middle game has been very weak. I hope I can played a more solid game during that crucial stage of the tourny.

I will try to keep this blog updated daily during my challenge for anyone who wants to always know how well I am doing.