Saturday, April 21, 2007

The upcoming summer

Well as some of you may know I am moving to vegas in a few weeks with augie who happened to be one of the first online players I ever met and became friends with before I even was playing tourneys. Going out to vegas in 2 weeks to scout for a sick appt/house 2-3 bdrm place in some gated community. After that we are flying to albany to get my truck and drive to tstone for that week of tourneys. Then, I will just be busy packing getting everything organized to move I think it's going to be a lot harder moving then it was for college as I will have a lot more shit and lot more important shit that unlike my college stuff I would be pissed if it got wrecked on the passage there. I always enjoy driving distances by myself so I am making the trek to vegas alone should be a good time to get my mind right for the upcoming tourneys etc.

As for WSOP I plan on playing all the NLH tourneys and and a few have given myself a 50k budget to work with for all the smaller events. I have the roll to withstand that but if I did it and had an awful run I'd be back to a true micro grinder so I've decided to sell 66 shares of myself at 750 a pop. Each share will get you 1% of my action for the entire series. I will prob use my blog as a way to inform all those rooting me on who aren't in vegas with me to how I am doing etc. The shares are going to be broken down like this. I will be using that 50k as a BR for my series as well as my 10k seat I already won from stars and it will be like most generic backing deals you get your intial investment back and then you get your share of the profits based on how much I earned during the tourneys. So anyone who wants to get a few shares contact me on AIM shaundman or PM me on my accounts on one of the poker forums. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, all payment must be upfront and I am selling only 66 shares no more so if you are too slow/late I will let you know if someone backs out prior to the first tourney.

I usually leave this with little poker content but I have been on a sick heater last 24 hours up about 25k with most of the winnings coming from taking down the stars 20R last night for 8.5k and the FTP 40k garuntee which I netted 14.5k winning that at a redic FT. I plan on posting that 300 6max tourney HH on PXF soon as well as my win a few weeks ago in the stars 50r both will be posted here next week at some point.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A disapointing night

Well, that's how I felt after a session a few days ago. It was a good day profit wise but I ended my session feeling so disapointed because I feel that my endgame is the strongest part of my game. I had a very rough start to my session that day and cashed in like 1 thing at the time on stars and so far the week had been bad since a great sunday for mtts. Since then I've been lacking motivation to play a full session. And I finally persevered through my session and by the end of the night I was HU in an $8 FO on stars and lose HU when starting with a 2 to 1 CL Had a hand I can never get away from HU J high flush vs K high flush. I only played a few ftp tourneys that day too 6 to be exact and shockingly fted 3 of those 6. I fted the 30R first ran bad there some short stack shoved for like 9bb 2nd big stack calls OTB I shove for like 35bbs with AKo and the flat caller had KK. I then later fted a 75 fo I think the 22k garunteed and again had a not so good ft calling a minraise with A4 when I should have folded and I check shoved a J74 flop and KJ instacalled and I was gone. Luckily I saved the best run on ftp for the 40k tourney which I lost a really huge pot with 2 tables left AQ vs QJ AIPF J river obv. had like 3bb after that and was able to battle back to a top 3 stack going into ft. Got 4th and lost all my chips on a huge race for CL with 4 left 10s vs AK K river obvvv.

So I was up like 7k on the day from tourneys and still had a upset feeling after the session maybe it was because I didn't win or have a 5 figure day even though having many great opportunities to get a huge day. I generally feel better after a more modest day where I won a few 180s and cashed in some middle tourneys. Which I guess just shows the motivation I have to win every tourney regarless of buyin which helps me play the low buyins even though I could easily not play them and still have many profitable days. Still working on motivation been doing well playing some short sessions of LHE lately and hopefully that continues.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Best individual day

Sunday was a sick day for me I ended up taking down the early afternoon 109fo for 9k as well as winning my first WSOP ME seat in the 650. Not bad considering I wasn't even planning on making an effort for the seat and this was the first time I played a sat for it. I'll try to win some other seats now prob for the W$ to sell. Still going to sell shares of myself for the whole series including the ME as I plan on playing all NLH tourneys which would cost about 50k in tourney buyins according to my estimates

I've had a lot of trouble last 3 weeks motivating myself to play tourneys, I've been running really hot at cash games playing higher than usual so it makes it tougher to sit down and grind for a 12 hour session when I could play 1 hour of cash and expect to make as much money. I dunno need get back on the grind still feel like I am playing well for tourneys just so hard to keep reg after a few hours.