Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vegas almost over

My first summer/trip in vegas is almost coming to an end I have a few more days before my flight out and as always I've procrastinated a bunch of important things. Sometime tomorrow I need to do something about our carpet really dirty from 2 months of slobs living here and never cleaning up after each other. Place looks cleaner then anyone probably whose hung out here and see the sty. I am on an awful sleep schedule as well and hopefully after today I can correct it. Staying up all night heading to the Orleans for their $500 mtt during their series of tourneys. Haven't played live tourney since ME.

My tentative plan is head home for a week or two then head to TS for the Empire State Championship, lurk around somewhere for a weak then head to EPT Barcelona and then London for a month or so for another EPT and WSOPE. After that I am either going to Aruba or to one of the new Asia Poker Tour event and then prob a few WPTs in Niagra and then maybe LA. So I should be doing a lot of traveling probably not play that much online during this span. I may finally get passed for yearly TLB but I will make an effort prob one week a month to win weekly and thus keep myself in contention for yearly then make a late rush when winter comes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I checkraised my grandma

So my vegas summer is coming to an end and I happen to have some relatives in town who are also with my grandmother, who is who first taught me holdem when I was around 5. Anyways we go to an amazing dinner at seafood blue or something at MGM . We decide to go their pokerroom and I know my gram loves her low limit LHE and I say whatever I'll go have some fun at her table. I played my first live poker at her table in florida when on vacation on my 18th birthday I won a little and the first pot I ever played I beat here with a turned nut flush.

anyways I am trying to lose like 50bbs in this game playing the loose passive style with perfection. I am in seat 4 she's in seat 5 random wanna be live pros sitting thinking they are the best players ever. I've been AA bet/call on a A2235 3 club board and think he was beat by the SF/quads. Also a nut str check behind on the river cuz there was a 4 card straight on the 48J9Q so his Q10 was obv beat. Ohh yah she had 3$ behind too so getting river c/r was impossible. So I start to loosen up PF I straddle have some fun with that. About 2-3 orbits in I am raking in a stradled pot and then I hear a soft voice say I want to straddle too I look over and see my gram holding 4 chips in here hand and push them past the betting line. The dealer looks confused asks here if she knows what a live straddle is she doesn't but still wants to do it. Old randoms try to limp for $2 when they are told it's 4 cuz of the straddle they look angirly at me but I laugh and say it was me last hand. Other dealers who came by first time she did it they def perked up in their chair not expecting someone whose 85+ to be gambling it up.

anyways I got 1 c/r in vs her and I didn't have the best hand but I was happy to do it.

Monday, July 16, 2007

success breeds success

Well as most of you frequent readers know I've had a sick week and a half or so tripling my online roll in the time by absolutely crushing anything I decided to do when it cames to betting/poker. Also, during this time a few of the people I talked to most in the beginning of my poker tournament career always I considered to be great/better than myself but a few of theirs results were not equivalent to their skill for me personally for tourneys I still think that's the case. I've still never fted a tourney with 100k prizepool which frustrates and excites me at the same time. 98% of tourney grinders got their roll a big score 1.9% got it from some other stupid thing. I am in the .1% of people who built up a roll by volume not by quality. I don't think that makes me better just makes me bitter that it could of been soo easy if I just fted a major or something in my first 2 months of tourneys. But I had the more stressful way.

Anyways there are a few other close friends who I expect to be following suite to thayer/adamjunglen/mlagoo/gobbo in crushing a major and anything else they decide to play. It feels great that I was lucky enough to run hot at other things to have equal monetary success to them as well this summer. It just gives us more freedom in the coming months to do some sick things.

I basially am planning on doing a small little live circuit trip with 5-10 other poker players hitting up tstone, EPTs, WSOPE, Aruba, WPT niagra. Maybe even sneak in the Asia poker tour that's starting up. It should be a really good time I doubt it will surpass the 2 months in vegas but I look forward to trying.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I've been crushing whatever I decide to play lately. Had my new best day every now at +70k and 0 of it thanks to blackjack. I ran a stack up again in the 25/50 game on cake. I feel bad for john cuz he was downstairs hanging out and decided to split action with me in the game. He came down later on in the night and I ran good 3rd hand flopping a set and stacking our favorite fish. He got us back a few hands later calling 1k on the flop with a gutshot and hitting he plays really well lol.

Anyways after about an hour of teetering upto 13k then back to 8k he decided it's time to goto sleep and just to send him his cut 40% from the game so I am fine with taking the rest of the action for the night tables ok could get great if I suckout at the right time. So I eventually do that and then go on a sick rush getting my stack upto 65k peak. As I right this I have like 62k stack with a 35k stack to my left hopefully soon you get to see an update of the 70k pot I played and hopefully won.

Vegas is still great going me and ray are going to order some ihope neither of us are too tired right now even though it's approahing 10am. So I guess I'll be grinding cash for the next few hours trying to get a 100k stack.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, after the awful start and quick finish I had yesterday I was expecting to put some sob I had a good but not great series post about how I am young still getting used to live big buyins etc. But I changed my mind and after I busted slightly after the break I happened to play a bunch of sundays got some good stacks early busted in everything late around the bubble lost some CLs some ugly ways. I endup tilt playing some Blackjack win like 25k then lost 10k back and went to my site for playing cash and saw a guy sitting HU at 25/50 who sucks nad I've played before I get it in a few hands in with 56 vs Q8 on a 569 board he 3bet and called my 4bet getting like 3 to 1 so I know it's going to be swingy. I only had 2 more full buyins for this level so I knew I had to buckle down. I go on a sick run HU and run my 5k stack upto over 50k 8 buyins from the guy HU 2 of my own. A few others sit we exchange chips I end up about 35k on the session. I take a 30min break feeling great first ever 50k day and then sit and win another 15k playing.

Days like today maybe me wonder why I play tourneys, if I won a tourney today I prob wouldn't of played any cash or attempted to tilt off a few k playing blackjack. So I guess having a shitty sunday worked out for once. That was like a basic double of my online roll right now which is sweet now I just need to spread it out a bit more as its heavily on 2 sites.

As for ME backing info, I am going to double check the math but I think my total cashes was something like 70k for the series thus you will be getting 700 a share as your cut of the profits plus about $60 from the leftover money I didn't use on a few tourneys I had to miss due to day 2s or sickness.

I need all backers to contact me and let me know where you want your share to be transfered too which site as well as which account name. IM me, leave a comment here, or pm me on 2+2 and p5.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mr. 27

well as some of you already know 2 days ago I had my 3rd cash of this WSOP. It was my largest cash in a tourney by over 10k yet I couldn't of been more frustrated. All day 2 I was like as long as I don't get a 3rd 27th I would be happy with my result. I had an above avg stack and after raise/folding one hand in LP I then raised next hand with QJo and floated a 668r board when the blind weak led into me I fired 75k on the turn and he instashoved and I had to fold with half my stack in there. Next hand a short stack with 40k shoved in MP at 8k/16k/2k and I shoved my 180k stack in there with QJs unforutnately the guy behind me wokeup with AKo but I was in a great spot when the shortstack showed A9o I had over 40% equity on the mainpot and 44% on the sidepot but missed both. I noticed that the board said we had 28 players left so if both the shortstack and myself busted I would get another 27th. I was quite angry about busting cuz besides tdomski the remaining field appeared to be quite weak.

I have another day 2 to play today I have a little over 90k stack in the 1k rebuy which I was only in for 10k with. As well as a redic tough table that has hoodini10, ZeeJustin, Sirens, Crazymarco, and micheal binger who replaced a European stars sponsored player whose name I forget. I hope my table breaks quickly as there are a lot of good players left but my tables still prob one of the 3 worst. Moneys at 99 109 left and avg stack under 55k.

Also, been a lot of fun the few hourse I've been away from rio got a lot of the 18yearolds been in town and been having a good time drinking with them. Got a bunch of people passed out in our rediculous messy room. I may stop being lazy for 10 minutes and post some pictures of our infestation of garbage throughout the condo.