Thursday, March 29, 2007

A few quick things

For those who haven't yet read this article on me located at, I suggest you do I really want to thank the guys at for coming to me asking for an interview. It was a lot of fun to go back to the start of my tourney career and I was amazed how much I have changed since then.

As for other things, one question I always get at the tables and away from them is why don't you play higher tourneys. I do play higher and other sites just less known there a few diff nics as well as I enjoy privacy at times because it's really hard to be 12+ tabling on stars and typing as well on the other 2-3 sites I am running. I am experimenting with a new ambidextrous setup while using my reg setup and dual monitors for stars while using my other hand with my laptop which will have the other sites running. It's been really hard so far to be comfortable for long times as well as type in bet amounts etc when it's not just a pfr. This basically prevents me from typing at all at the tables so far but I'm sure I'll get stronger with it and soon be back to my old self.

Now for the question of playing higher etc. I do think I am +EV at a 100R etc right now but to do so I would need to focus on that table alone and forget about my other tourneys. Right now I don't feel the urge or think it's in my best interest to do that solely. I much rather have a bunch of 20/180s 50fos and smaller rebuys running than just the 100R. The difference when I guesstimate of my hourly and also include the reduced variance of everything I much rather do the lower buyins, less stress, less noteriety, and more tables for a more enjoyable poker life. I don't care for ROI etc when it comes to online I much rather make more money playing every tourney any site is running and get a 5% ROI than play 1 tourney at a time and have a 300% roi whatever. I play poker for the money it's what drew me in it's what will help me do things beyond poker. Massive multitabling is not for everyone but it's perfect for me right now at this time of my life.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I week filled with ups and downs

Sorry for it being a month since I updated I always intend to but as most of you should know I am very lazy. A lot's happened since my last update spent a week at tstone, turned 21, and played a lot of poker.

Tstone trip was soo much fun had a great group of people out there and pretty sure everyone had a sick time. Was going to write a trip report but that could be too incriminating lol. It was a disapointment poker wise ended up about even for the trip no live cashes though even though I had some huge stacks early in 2 of them even on my bday I ran sick hot when behind, and the 1 time I get it in good QQ vs 88 lose like 90% of my stack. I always have fun at my tstone trips and each time wish I played some more live cash games but always end up in the room drinking and smoking and playing online. Met a lot of new people this trip which was cool.

While I was there I had a good online week money wise but I had soo many deep runs in tourneys with 5k+ for first which I don't play that many of each day. I was sickened by many ft blubbes and 8ths or 9ths. I got really frustrated as it had been too long since a good score. When I got hoe I decided to make a concious effort to put in a lot of hours for the week as I had a good start for TLB winning 2 20/180s sun and mon. I was waking up earlier in the AM which kind of sucks for mtts since so few run. But the few that do are really fun to play and extremely soft. ended up playing really well and running even hotter. I took down the 20R for 8kish, 20 fo for 4k, $10 deepstack for like 2500 and some other 1k scores. Was my 2nd best week from MTTs.

Also, part of me playing better has been to not chat as much/all at the tables so I apologize for ignoring comments at tables. I just end up doing that too often and timeout at other tables/ miss key info. I will prob have chat on when at a ft or something as that will have all of my focus anyway and I can sneak in a few responses.

I'll try not to be another month till my next update.