Saturday, February 10, 2007

My newest hobby

When I was growing up most of my great uncles always were known to be smoking either cigars, pipes, or hookahs. That trend didn't transfer too much to the next generation as most of my uncles really don't smoke anything. They may have in the past but majority of them rarely smoke anything. I have had a few from my non lebanese side try the hookah with mixed results. Sadly, not much of my generation has gottin into them either inside my family besides myself and a few of my cousins. I think there's nothing better than surrounding yourself with some good company sitting outside on a nice day and smoking and bullshitting for a few hours. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon and I try to do it when I can when the weather allows it.

During one of these times over at my cousins house we were discussing his grandfather in particular who used to live in the same house we were in and how he used to smoke his pipe every waking hour. I was too young to remember much about him but his grandson is 32 and he remembers him vivadly as he spent nearly half his life so far in his presence. So while we were on the topic we both had mentioned that we always wanted to try realy pipe tabacco. We both have had black and milds and liked smoking them but were sure the real thing would be much better. Lucky for us theres a really good store in our area for pipes. So we get there and start talking with the owner about pipes, the area, and his business and spent nearly an hour there just chatting. He finds us a few good pipes and we buy some of thier home blended tobacco even chat the with guy who supposedly is an expert at mixing strainds. He happened to be who created both of the strainds that we ended up buying.

We head back to the house to try out our new pipes and it was amazing. I have had some of the top cigars and the smoke blew them away. There was nothing like the smooth smoke that was coming from the pipe. We were both struggling to keep our pipes lit but we keep smoking for about 3 hours while we watched the remake of kingkong. The one biggest difference between pipe and cigars for me was after the fact that after taste on your tongue wasn't as unpleasent as most cigars. Even the morning after brushing my teeth the aroma was still strong on my tongue. I def recommend to anyone who likes smoking to go out buy a corn cob pipe they are really cheap under 5 bucks and get some tabacco and try a pipe if you like it go out an get a nice pipe ranging from 50-250 and start building your collection.

Also, the store we went to supposedly is the top seller on the internet for pipes as well so if you want to get one and some good accessories check out their website at